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 EFT Tapping for Manifesting Money, Finances and Wealth

Why is it that so many struggle to earn money? Why is it so hard for some people to earn money, yet equally effortless for some?  This blog is about the limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from attracting wealth, and how EFT Tapping can help you work on those beliefs, so that money easily flows to you. 

Who doesn’t want money? Who doesn’t want to get rich?

I haven’t met a single person to date who would complain about having too much money and suffer from sleepless nights because they don’t know what to do with all that money!

We may not say it out loud, but secretly we all want to get rich.  And what's the problem with desiring more money? 

Money certainly does not equate to happiness, but it surely helps us live a life of freedom and fulfillment. 

How EFT Practitioner Donita Packard unlocked her financial blocks to manifest money with EFT Tapping

One of our EFT Practitioners who has unlocked her money blocks with EFT Tapping shares, "For a long time, abundance was like a bunch of sour grapes that I could never get a hold of. Oh yes, I did get the last grape on the bunch, that is to say, I always received it when I needed it. However, the need was always there."

Abundance with EFT Tapping

"It got to a point of frustration. I would see my friends getting raises, rising in their careers, going on those vacations with their families and friends, and here I was struggling to pay my bills each month. Believe me, the resentment and anger that I had towards others’ happiness and my helplessness was growing each day. I felt like I was trying to steer a boat upriver, and the boat had holes."

"Pheww, I was exhausted!"

Eventually, my frustration led me to find what worked for others and what didn’t for me. I spoke extensively to my friends and did everything possible. I even tried to replicate their exact actions. But it didn’t work for me.

My search for abundance ushered me to attend a seminar on EFT Practitioner Training in Mumbai with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD). It was based on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). It was at this seminar that I came to the realisation that the self–work that I had done was good for nothing—the reason why my belief systems and subconscious patterns hadn’t changed!

What I also realised was that I was filled with unwanted emotions that not only wreaked havoc with my physical being, but they also made me act against my nature, resulting in extreme poverty consciousness.

My self-worth plummeted and I started believing that I did not deserve abundance. And that is exactly what was manifesting for me. Poverty! It had become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I realised that I had to change things, big time.

I worked on myself, extensively, and let go of so many emotions and people in my life, and slowly got to where things started looking good.

I am still a work in progress and although I still may not be able to afford a private yacht, I’m much further ahead from where I used to be a few years ago. Life is comfortable now."


There are three types of abundance: Money, relationships and health. Each type of abundance is related to another and true Abundance is only possible when a person possesses all three.

Abundance of Money

Abundance of Money

This means you attract money easily, you save your money and have the confidence to let your money grow investing your wealth in short terms and long terms ways and can freely share your wealth with others without feeling like there is not enough money.

Abundance in Relationships

Abundance of relationships 

This means you attract the right relationships that make you feel fulfilled and you invest in them to allow them to grow, even in the tough times and do not get possessive about your relationships where you can let them have their own independent lives.

Abundance of Health

Abundance of health

This means that you attract health and prioritise your emotional and mental wellbeing by investing in yourself and your growth as well as letting go of any fears connected to your physical and mental health.

To get started and unlock abundance first take the abundance test and discover where is your abundance blocked. There are 3 phases of abundance:

  • Attracting abundance
  • Holding onto and growing abundance
  • Letting go of and sharing abundance

Begin by asking yourself are you good at attracting abundance, holding onto it and allowing it to grow or letting it go by sharing it with each other. Let's get started with the test in terms of money:

  • If you can attract money into your life that is equal in proportion of the money you have saved in your bank account then you are good at attracting and holding onto money. 
  • If you are able to share at least 10% of the money you have with others, then you are good at letting go and sharing your abundance.

With EFT Tapping if there is an imbalance in either attracting, holding onto or letting go of money you can do the following:

1. Uncover the limiting beliefs associated with the block. For example, "Its too hard to make money", "Money is evil."



For a moment, close your eyes and think about how much wealth you want in life. How much money does your soul want for you? Think freely as there are no limits to the imagination (and real-life too, you'll soon find out how).

Now, imagine someone giving you the exact amount that you had thought of by saying, "Here you go, (your name), this is for you."

What comes to your mind? What emotions do you feel when you visualize it? 

Most of us would respond with a variety of responses from, "I don't believe this is mine", to "I don't deserve to have this", "There's no point getting attached to it, it will go away anyhow", to "It's just an imagination, and not something that's possible in reality."

If your response was something like this, you may need to do some work on your relationship with money. 

To be able to do that better, read the below-mentioned "money profiles" and see which profile do you resonate with the most.

Money Attractor

These are the kind of people who have the ability to attract money, but they are unable to hold onto it. For them, money comes in, and it leaves just as fast. Their expenses/spending may be more than what they may be earning, which may be resulting in more outflow as compared to the inflow of money. 

Some limiting beliefs of money attractors are:

  • "I can’t hold onto money, it just goes away."
  • "Money flows out, as quickly as it comes in."
  • "I love money, but money does not love me."

A money hoarder is someone who keeps holding on to the money they receive. They feel compelled to hoard enough money to feel safe. They're also concerned about not being able to generate more money. They may have a lot of money but they still find it hard to spend. As they find it difficult to spend and give, they may attract less money.

Some limiting beliefs of money hoarders are:

  • "I need to hoard enough money to feel safe."
  •  "It’s my money, and I earned it."
  • "What if I cannot make more money?"

Money giver is someone who gives money without boundaries. This is because their self-worth is connected to it. They do this in an attempt to please people and receive love from others. The issue here is that the money is not given from a place of “I have enough money so that I can give out.” Rather, it is given with an expectation to receive something in return.  It’s a transaction, not a gift. They actually don’t have enough money because they have given so much. They end up feeling burnt out and exhausted from giving too much.

Some limiting beliefs of money givers are:

  • "When I give money, I feel loved."
  •  "You can have it!"
  • "If I will help others, they will help me."
Money Rollercoaster

These people are in a rollercoaster relationship with money. They sometimes have too much money, and too little at other times. They live in constant uncertainty about money as their money keeps on coming and going.

Some limiting beliefs of money rollercoasters are:

  • "I have no money."
  • "I have too much money."
  • "Money comes and goes like the wind."

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

Lao Tzu


Money blockers have some limiting beliefs in their energy, which is what prevents them from earning money. When they have money, they don't feel safe. They feel like it's temporary and it will go away. Also, they don’t feel satisfied with what they have and feel a sense of scarcity.

Some limiting beliefs of money blockers are:

  • "There is not enough money."
  • "I do not want your money."
  •  "It’s not safe to have money."

This is a person who is hesitant to spend money on any amenities. They don't like to spend their money, but they do like to bargain. They tend to fear that they might have to give away money to an authority figure. For example, giving fines to the government.

Some limiting beliefs of money blockers are:

  • "How much? That’s too expensive."
  • "Oh no not another bill!"
  •  "I hate paying bills."
  • "I will only take it, if there is a discount."
  • "I like bargains."

Having read the money profiles, take a moment to think about which profile you found to be most relatable to you. 

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.


There are various limiting beliefs we have set consciously or unconsciously that govern the major aspects of our life.

Limiting beliefs are simply thoughts that we have been conditioned with, which become an obstacle to our growth. We usually adopt these beliefs from the environment we are raised in. 

Our parents or teachers may have innocently taught us that "Without hard work, there is no success." So, we may believe that money can be earned only if we struggle enough for it. 

But in reality, that's not true. With the right intentions and right deeds, the universe gives us as much as we want. 

We may have been conditioned to think that it's not good to desire money. Desiring money is often seen as being greedy. We may also have a belief that wanting money makes us less spiritual. These beliefs block money from easily flowing to us. 

Some of the most common limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from attracting wealth are:



Most of us unknowingly believe that there is limited money. Due to this, we operate from a scarcity mindset. A scarcity mindset is a way of thinking that reinforces the belief that there is a shortage of resources. Such a mindset makes us feel a sense of lack. 

Money is a form of energy, and energy is infinite. Then how can the money be limited? How can abundance be limited? It cannot be limited as it is a form of energy. But our sense of insecurity and lack creeps in, “I don’t have enough. There has to be enough for me”.

Instead, if we cultivate the belief that it’s infinite and ever-lasting, and there’s enough for everybody, not just for you but for everyone, there’s enough energy in the world for everyone to access, then you can attract abundance effortlessly.

When you start thinking about money in this way, you shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. 



The way we view ourselves determines what we choose for ourselves. If we have low self-worth, we don't find ourselves to be deserving of good things, so we either push it away if it comes to us, or never receive it. 

Remember, your wealth is directly proportional to your self-worth.

If your dream is to earn a certain amount in a month and you are earning less than that today, then it means that your worth is at what you have today. As your self-worth increases, you pull in what you want.

The more worth you have for yourself, the more wealth you will have flowing to you. This one belief can change your entire relationship with money.



Negative emotions like jealousy, anger, fear, doubt and worry may come up when a friend or a family member achieves something or has been earning good money.

It is natural to feel those emotions, but it is important to become aware when these emotions arise and consciously change them to positive ones. Dwelling on these emotions does no good as it simply lowers our vibrations, and makes us less inclined to receive good things.

When we choose to be genuinely happy for others' successes while keeping faith that whatever is meant for us will come to us at the right moment, then we become pure and peaceful.

EFT Tapping for frustrating money problems


Now that you are familiar with the limiting beliefs and have identified your money profile, it must have helped you gain clarity over where you need to work on your relationship with money. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an alternative therapeutic technique that can immensely help you in dissolving your limiting beliefs and clearing the way for abundance to flow in your life. 

EFT is based on modern psychology along with the ancient science of Acupuncture. The technique involves tapping on specific points on the upper-body while saying out loud certain statements related to the issue we are working on. 

The theory of EFT says that the past negative events of our lives may have had a lasting impact on us, even if we consciously may not remember them.

These suppressed negative memories cause a disturbance in the body's energy system, and impact our functioning until we take steps to resolve it. These unresolved emotions manifest in the form of many psychological and physical problems. 

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” 

Wayne Dyer

In childhood, we may have heard or seen certain things related to money that stayed with us into our adulthood. The beliefs we have inherited from our parents, teachers, culture, and society are also a part of this. 

EFT aims to uncover our deepest memories associated with the limiting beliefs that we have about money.

Below are the steps for applying EFT Tapping for manifesting money:


Identify the Belief:

Identify the present limiting belief and the associated emotional intensity. Ask yourselves these questions to dig deeper:

  •  How much money do you want?
  • What prevents you from the amount of money you want?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • When have you felt like that before?
  • When else have you felt like that?
  • When was the very first time you felt like that?


Truth Scale Rating:

Say the belief out loud and ask yourself how true the statement feels on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is very true and 1 is not true at all.


Tap on Belief:

Start tapping on the side of the hand: “Even though I (speak out the belief you hold about money)_____________ and I can feel it in my (part of the body)________________________ and it’s at a number _____________ and it makes me feel _______________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Repeat this 3 times. Tap on the limiting belief and the emotions it elicits to bring the rating down till it feels manageable; or down by at least 1 point. 


Start Tapping on the Upper Body, Facial and Finger Tapping Points

  • Eyebrow: I feel _________ (emotions associated with belief)
  • Side of Eye/Temple: I feel it in my ___________
  • Under Eye: It’s at a number _______
  • Under Nose: It makes me feel _______
  • Chin: It’s in my ________ at a number _____
  • Collarbone: It makes me feel_________
  • Under the arm: So ____________
  • Thumb: So ________________
  • Index Finger:  Because___________
  • Middle Finger: I feel it in my ______________
  • Little Finger: So________________


Close the Sequence by Tapping on the Karate Chop:

“Even though I (speak out loud the belief you hold about money)_____________ and I can feel it in my (part of the body)________________________ and it’s at a number _____________ and it makes me feel _______________ , I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Do this once.


Take a Deep Breath In, Release It Out, and Then Take a Sip of Water.


Close With Positive EFT Tapping for Manifesting Money.

An example of a positive tapping statement is: “Even though I feel so insecure about my money, now I am open to letting that insecurity go and trust the universe.”

Manifesting Money with EFT Tapping

Here is the tapping script I used to let go of what didn’t serve my highest good. Tap along and add a little of what you are really feeling to reach an amazing breakthrough!

First, bring to your mind your current situation. How does it make you feel? Where in the body do you feel this? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how would you rate this feeling?

Now tap along:

Round 1:

Karate Chop:

Even though I have a feeling I might be sabotaging my own efforts, I say one thing and do another, and it leaves me feeling victimized at my own hands, I deeply and completely accept all of me. (3 times).


Why do I do this? Going against myself, doing stupid stuff...

side of the eye:

That comes back to bite me

Under The Eye:

What's wrong with me?

Under The Nose:

Don't I want me to succeed?

Under The mouth:

Don't I want me to be happy?


Then why .. why do I get in my own way?

under the arm:

I love making things harder for myself, don't I?

top of the head:

Why do I do this?

Closing sequence (Karate chop):

Even though I make things harder for myself I am open to the possibility of loving myself anyway.

Breathe in and out, and take a sip of water

Round 2:

Karate Chop:

Even though I am not aware I am self-sabotaging till it is too late, I love and accept myself (3 times).


I'm not even aware I'm doing it until it's too late

side of the eye:

If a good thing can come my way

Under The Eye:

I make sure that it doesn't

Under The Nose:

Who can I count on if not me?

Under The mouth:

I'm supposed to be my best friend!


When did I learn to be my worst enemy?

Under The Arm:

Who taught me to be this way?

top of the head:

It's almost a habit, on auto-pilot

Closing Sequence (Karate Chop):

Even though self-sabotaging has become a habit, I can consciously stop being my own enemy.

Breathe in and out, and take a sip of water

Round 3:

Karate Chop:

Even though I have beaten myself up for the mistakes that I made, I love and accept myself 


Beating myself up hasn't worked

side of the eye:

Would forgiveness help?

Under The Eye:

Considering forgiveness for my actions...

Under The Nose:

Choosing compassion toward myself

under the mouth:

Allowing myself to look past my actions


To really understand why I do what I do

Under The Arm:

Promising to support me no matter what

top of the head:

I wonder if I can turn it around...

Closing Sequence (Karate Chop):

Even though I can beat myself up, I am open to being compassionate towards myself.

Breathe in and out, and take a sip of water

Round 4:

Karate Chop:

Even though I really love him, what if I could give him and me the space to heal and not take it personally, and wholeheartedly love and accept myself


Yes, I can turn around my situation

side of the eye:

Yes, I can do it!

Under The Eye:

I can be myself

Under The Nose:

I love this change around me

under the mouth:

This is making me feel better


It was simply a habit, which I am empowered to change

Under The Arm:

I am becoming my best friend

top of the head:

I am becoming my best friend!

Closing Sequence (Karate Chop):

Even though I was self-sabotaging, that was then and this is now. I am grateful for becoming my best friend and being empowered. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Breathe in and out, and take a sip of water

EFT Tapping for Abundance

Be kind and compassionate towards yourself. Use this EFT Tapping script till you feel empowered enough.

Our natural state is one of ever-flowing abundance. But too often, we stop ourselves from receiving what we truly deserve as a result of our mental and emotional blocks.

Emotional Freedom Techniques will help you dissolve those blocks so that you’re no longer held back by limiting beliefs.

Keep Tapping. Continue to love and explore!


Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

P.S. Here is another tapping sequence to let go, forgive and move on.

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

In summary, EFT helps you to identify and clear the blocks by diving deep into old stories and finding ways to reframe and rewire them. When these emotional blocks disappear, all of the self-sabotaging behaviors, negative thought patterns, and limiting subconscious beliefs start to disappear as well, clearing the way for abundance to pour in. 

Disclaimer: The information on this website is purely for educational purposes and does not in any way replace the requirement for medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment. Please seek professional medical and psychological diagnosis and advice for all medical and mental health conditions. It is advised to always book any consultations with qualified professionals.

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