"These booklets taught me how to eliminate stress, feel emotionally balanced, experience peace, and create the life I always dreamt of now." 

 Learn the secrets of emotional well-being, peace of mind, self-healing and how to create the life you want.

Personal Development 

Set your goals and  clear limits to get what you want in life

Emotional Well-Being

Eliminate stress, physical tension and anxiety to feel healthy 


How to heal illness, helping kids perform & grow spirituality  

Peace of Mind

Detach from the ties that bind and attain peace of mind.

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Leena Haldar

Mumbai, India

"I love these free booklets. They gave me the confidence to become a coach."

Uday Singh

Jaipur, India

"I could start using the EFT tapping straight away to feel happy and health."

In these booklets you will learn the secrets to feeling:



At Peace


I wrote these booklets because I wanted a step by step process for my self-healing and personal development and then my friends wanted to know the steps and so another friend of mine made these booklets look pretty. Each one of these booklets is made with love, Rangana