How To Reverse Illness With EFT Tapping? From Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Trauma To Depression

Reverse Illness With Emotional Freedom Techniques

emotional freedom technique: EFT Tapping Questions Answered

How EFT Tapping & Emotional Freedom Technique, a clinically proven alternative therapeutic method, can help you heal from past abuse, anxiety, grief, heartbreak, and trauma to enable financial wealth, weight loss, health, happiness and peace.


EFT Tapping helps anyone who is suffering from physical and emotional issues. You can either learn it professionally and become trained as an EFT Practitioner or for Personal Development. You could also consult a qualified EFT Professional for one-on-one sessions. There is clinical evidence to prove it as well. 


1.1. Does verbal abuse cause pain? HOW CAN EFT TAPPING HELP?

Verbal abuse can be very painful. More often than not, we hear, "Stupid, ugly, dumb, bossy, attitude issues, useless, worthless" and so many other forms of hatred. 

Sometimes, we turn our heads to belittling comments. But when they come from the people that matter to us, they get carved on our very self-image. If not dealt with properly, it can seriously hamper the self-esteem of an individual. 

Overthinking on this can be a trip down the rabbit hole of despair, leading directly to trauma.

Verbal abuse of any kind can feel a lot like car crash pain. It can cause a shutdown, hurt, rejection, and a feeling of being unwanted.

In EFT Tapping for Healing Past Trauma, we start with surface symptoms and then go deeper into the pain and the root causes. We uncover the past painful memory and clear the emotional charge from the memory to feel at peace. 

Finally, we move ahead with positive tapping that goes like "That was then, this is now" to heal the pain caused by verbal abuse. 

1.2. CAN EFT TAPPING HELP WITH anxiety & childhood trauma?

What you are experiencing is surface anxiety. These are the symptoms of an underlying issue. You can consult a professional and work on one-to-one sessions to address the underlying issues.

Now, the term that stands for the state when there are too many emotions that put you to sleep is Narcotisation.

You may consider doing the following to handle the anxiety:

Step 1: Work on surface symptoms. If you want to work on yourself for anxiety, you can continue doing what was taught in the 'Boosted Program Sessions'. 

Step 2: Getting to the root cause If you want to work on the root cause, you’ll have to work on the memory, too.

For example, as you mentioned that your father was strict so your father's archetype is a teacher archetype, which wasn’t suitable for the little girl you were. At the root cause level, we work with the movie technique to get to the issue and address it.

Step 3: Thumb Hold Do it every day and close it with positive tapping.

Additionally, you can explore inner child work to heal the childhood trauma, re-set the past by changing the vibration, and embed it in the body-mind with heart meditation. We recommend a connection with the heart because it changes the internal and external flow.

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.


2.1. Does EFT Tapping work for acidity?

Every time the bile rises in your throat, or your head and stomach keep you up at night, you seek refuge in a tablet or liquid medication. However, it may not always be your body not agreeing with last night's dinner. 

Stress can be one of the causes of acidity. Eliminating this stress can give you comfort just like your usual medicine. EFT Tapping does work wonders for acidity. You always need to start working with the symptoms associated and then on the root cause.

However, if it is frequent and severe, you must get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan from a professional.

3. addictionS AND EFT TAPPING

3.1. Does EFT Tapping help to relieve addictions?

Sometimes, you tend to suppress emotions with the help of items like food, alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs, which make you feel good temporarily.

So, every time a negative emotion gets triggered, you look out for that comfort item to help you feel better. Suppressing and sedating these emotions repeatedly through food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or any other item, leads to addiction.

Discovering root causes and releasing suppressed emotions plays an important role to break free from addictions. EFT helps in uncovering the root cause. Tapping on root memories and releasing these pent-up emotions help you process your emotions effectively.

Advanced EFT Practitioners are trained to work on addictions. For addictions, we would need a detailed history of the person, details about the addiction, what happened to them, what do they want, and more details to work with them.

3.2. HOW Can EFT help with tobacco addiction?

EFT can help with a wide range of addictions, including tobacco and smoking. Most people are easily lured into thinking that addictive behaviours are going to help them in a long run.

Over time, they form a mental or emotional dependency on tobacco. EFT Tapping for smoking allows the consumer the space to ask questions to oneself and the space to work on their addiction with judgement.

Emotional Freedom Techniques and Addiction

4. allergies AND EFT TAPPING


Has a summer breeze ever had you sneezing for seemingly no reason? One sweep of a dusty table and your nose starts itching? 

Allergies can have mostly mild symptoms. But they can be very annoying sometimes as they can interfere with your idea of fun. 

With allergies, you have to use Advanced EFT techniques, and Inner Child Matrix, versus classical EFT Tapping. The reason is with allergies, there can be deadly complications, like going into anaphylactic shock, so working with a skilled professional is advised. 

The plan is to tap on the surface symptoms of the allergies, then the memories associated with the allergy, and finally the root cause. 

It can work to help you to overcome any uncomfortable sensations and you can get back to eating your favourites or cleaning without breaking into a fit of sneezes. 

In Reena Singh's case, she overcame her allergy to milk and yoghurt.

4.2. Can we use EFT Tapping for skin allergies?

I don’t recommend EFT for skin allergies since it can cause reactions. I would suggest doing the Inner Child Matrix since allergies need to be worked on in layers.


Many times, itching can be suppressed anger. It is almost like the skin wants to scream out. One of the things you can do about this by connecting to a practitioner or learning EFT for yourself and practising as follows: 

Step 1: Ask “How does itching make you feel?”

Step 2: Connect with that part of the body and ask that part of the body, “How are you really feeling and if you could speak, what might you say?”

Step 3: Start tapping on that part of the body and on the surface symptoms.

Step 4: Start exploring the feeling and identifying the root cause by asking questions like, “When have you felt like that before?”

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

5. anxiety AND EFT TAPPING

5.1. how do i use eft tapping to overcome anxiety? 

Anxiety is our body’s reaction to stress. Worrying about the future, overthinking, overanalysing any situation and stress at work are some of the classic situations that lead to us feeling anxious.

But we must always remember, “We are not alone. We can overcome any and every situation that comes our way.”

EFT Tapping for anxiety stimulates the body's ability to let go or release any sort of anxiety which may have been created during any sort of trauma that we faced previously.

EFT tapping for anxiety relief has also been proven to be useful and long-lasting for individuals who have experienced high levels of anxiety, but don't anymore, because of the usage of EFT.

5.2. HOW CAN I FIX anxiety issues, body pains, and sleep problems?

After a stressful day at work, all you want to do is take a shower and sink into the bed. But the pressure from work, the pain in your neck, caused by sitting in front of the laptop all keep you up at night. 

What you need is to relax. EFT Tapping is clinically proven to reduce anxiety. Additionally, you can use it to work on your body pain.

Tapping on your anxiety and pain separately can effectively reduce the negative effect of stress on your body, open your mind to positivity, and improve your overall health. 

In the Jin Shin Jyutsu Technique, you must hold your thumb and notice the soft pulse beats. Focus your attention on the pulse while holding your thumb. Just keep breathing in and out.

This will harmonise the anxiety and worry. The longest you can hold it is for 20 minutes, because it takes 20 minutes to complete one breathing cycle. 

So, this is something that you can do straight away. It will help you calm down so that you could continue exploring the root cause for anxiety.


6.1. Can EFT Tapping treat Autism?

I wouldn't say Autism is something that is to be treated, it is to do with someone's neurological makeup so I don't see that it needs treatment. It is a label that someone can be given based on the way they process information.

For example, they:

  • Can experience something known as a meltdown due to extreme anxiety
  • Want order on how things are put together
  • Can be frighteningly intelligent, as well and able to process some things like technical problem solving very quickly

Where EFT can help is:

  • In supporting parents, because parents of an autistic child can experience extreme stress because the child might be overstimulating, they might be hard to pacify and they may not be able to understand them. An autistic child is hypersensitive, which means they will pick up on the emotion of the parents and if the parents feel stressed then the child feels stressed and experiences anxiety.
  • In providing structure, safety and routine for a child with the label Autism. I do have a few practitioners who specialise in working with children and Autism but they do use a combination of different therapies, including EFT tapping, where they are also training them and teaching them on how to be understood, understand, and communicate.


7.1. Can EFT TAPPING help with cancer?

Cancer is probably one of the scariest diseases. The moment you hear it, your mind goes, "Oh no." And rightly so. We have heard of many victims of cancer, someone you barely know, to perhaps, a loved one.

Like other major or chronic illnesses, cancer takes a toll - physical as well as mental - on the patient as well as the family.

The most important thing to keep in mind, is to not let stress overpower our mental peace. Stress slows down the process of healing.

Now, although EFT Tapping does not directly heal cancer, it helps work on the emotions at each stage.

The EFT Tapping for cancer is very helpful in various stages, starting from diagnosis to post-recovery: 

Initially, you can work on accepting the diagnosis and clearing any prevailing negative emotions. So, you can ask yourself questions about your stress, anger, guilt or resentment. The memories and questions that come up can be cleared through the EFT Tapping process.

The next step, deciding on treatment, can be a crucial one. With EFT Tapping, you can ensure that you stay calm and focused in this decision-making process. The relaxation technique, Jin Shin Jyutsu, can be of vital importance at this stage. (VIDEO)

During treatment, tapping for positivity is effective with the phrase, “The treatment is going only to the cells that need to die. The treatment is keeping my healthy cells well and alive. The treatment is so safe. I’m so lucky the treatment is only going to the cells that need to be taken out of the body. I’m so grateful the treatment is keeping my healthy cells, healthy.”

Post-treatment, you need to consider all the possible outcomes and be mentally prepared for those. It is natural to feel a wide range of emotions at this point. You can tap on each of these emotions separately to feel calm and in control of the situation. You can also embed positive tapping affirmations.

Cancer is bound to be a wake-up call in our lives. It can really make an impact on lifestyle. After overcoming cancer, I changed my diet, exercise and learnt to manage all the things in my life at my pace.

This last stage is about rebuilding your life and transforming it into something you are comfortable with and which gives you a sense of peace. 

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.


8.1. Can EFT be used for career growth?

Thirteen years of school and another five or ten years in college all add up to having a good life with a stable career one day. Despite all the hard work, time, money and patience we put in our work, sometimes, we struggle to bring it up to the mark we expect. 

This can be because of certain limitations we impose on ourselves unconsciously. Particularly, if you feel something is preventing you from growing in your career, EFT Tapping can be very helpful.

For example, there can be limitations and limiting beliefs in place, not having confidence in oneself, not being able to ask for a raise, or there can also be some early childhood blocks. EFT helps you to overcome all of these.

8.2. Can EFT Tapping resolve financial issues and MONEY manifestation?

In certain situations, we lag because we do not put enough faith in ourselves or refuse to take necessary risks. Financially, risk-taking and good decision making can be affected due to poor confidence, indecisiveness or lack of good judgement. 

There is a process known as 'EFT Tapping for Limiting Beliefs', which involves identifying what the limiting belief is and working on it with questions like:

  • “What number is it at?”
  • “How does it make one feel?”
  • “Has one felt like that before?”
Emotional Freedom Techniques and Career


We have EFT Certified Practitioners sharing EFT Tapping in schools during assemblies for children. We also combine it with another technology that I teach, named 'Energy Yoga'.

It’s a 15-minute routine which ends with a tapping meditation to embed positivity in the child.


While tapping on your daughter, it would be more helpful if your daughter says the phrases because the language is connected to the neurology of the person. Using her words can unlock whatever is stored in the nerve cells.

9.2. My daughter has had multiple congenital surgeries, What do I do?

The first thing for you is to focus on yourself. Self-care is vital and you need to have a very honest conversation with yourself.

With your daughter, you can do the Opposite Fingers and Toes Technique, since this will get the energy moving in her body. This technique will also help to clear the fatigue and allow relaxation.

The Opposite Fingers and Toes Technique is a part of Jin Shin Jitsu, which is a touch therapy that involves holding energy centres within the body in specific sequences, known as flows.

You can also work as a surrogate for your daughter through a practitioner who can help you with that.

So, you can try using EFT processes and see if there are any reversals. I haven’t personally worked with premature greying, so I can’t give you any guarantees. But I can tell you that self-acceptance will help your daughter feel good about herself.

9.3. Can teenagers use EFT tAPPING for acne?

Acne. A teenage tragedy. Some spend so much time trying to hide faces from the world, just for those irritating spots on the skin. 

When this facewash and that soap and this scrub and that home remedy don't work,  another thing you might want to explore is if there is any suppressed anger. Sometimes, this suppressed anger, frustration or irritation may emerge as eruptions on the skin.

At the surface level, you need to take care of the nutrition and movement of the body. The body needs to move as it helps the energy flow.

At the deeper emotional and mental level, you may need to explore any past experiences where emotions may have been suppressed and allow them to come out as well.

Other aspects related to acne can be image, self-confidence, and what emotions are there knowing that you have acne.

9.4. MY DAUGHTER HAS premature greying of hair. can EFT TAPPING HELP?

Salt and pepper, or silver fox. Call it what you want. Greying of hair happens to all of us at some time.

With premature greying of hair, is when the hair starts to turn white before the age of 20 or 30. My sister's hair became grey at the age of 18. 

You can try the  Inner Child Matrix process to switch on the colour producing cells to produce pigment again.  

However, I do not want to give a false promise, and the first thing for your daughter is to feel confident.

I worked with someone having skin pigmentation. We did the EFT and Journey and the spots on her face began reducing.

She was really worried that no one would want to marry her and since she wasn’t confident in herself, she wasn’t able to move ahead with the proposals she received. 

Three months later, she found the perfect partner who loved her for who she was. She was able to find a partner because of her self-confidence and self-acceptance. On her wedding day, she decided not to wear makeup because, for the first time, she wanted to be who she was and felt confident in herself.

So, you can try using EFT processes and see if there are any reversals. But I can tell you that self-acceptance will help your daughter feel good about herself.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

9.5. Can EFT be used for focus and concentration/recall?

Children often have trouble concentrating on schoolwork when they lack interest in their studies. They get easily distracted as they are not engrossed in what they do. But, being able to focus on things is essential in their growth.

Concentration can be improved by many activities. Certain techniques or games such as chess can be effective to imbibe these in children.

You can also use EFT for focus and concentration, especially for children and teens. However, for adults, you need to check what’s going on with them. Explore if there are limiting beliefs that are coming in the way of focus and concentration or recalling? If it’s limiting belief or memories, EFT Tapping can help.

9.6. I work with underprivileged children, HOW CAN I USE EFT WITH THEM?

Children are so easy to work with. They don't overthink issues, or have hang-ups.

We worked with an NGO in Lucknow named COME (Children of Mother Earth) India. The children were taken off the streets and given shelter and food, but they left the orphanage to go back onto the streets.

Only once they received psychological help to overcome the past trauma, where they were able to remain permanently in the orphanage. 

10. confidence/ limiting beliefs AND EFT TAPPING

10.1. I WANT MY dream job, but something stops me, How do I plan for it?

Our dreams are what keep us going in life. A dream job, a dream home with a family. We strive for them for most of our lives. But sometimes, we doubt ourselves.

Thoughts of being unworthy or undeserving of certain achievements in life can make you sabotage your own work. Constant doubts can cast a long shadow over your confidence. This can result in you not trying hard enough to avoid possible rejection.

Firstly, you can work on your confidence level. You can also ask more questions to explore what really prevents you from achieving your goal.

If you think there are limiting beliefs around money, working, or about yourself, you can use EFT Tapping to eliminate the beliefs.

Overcome Limiting beliefs with Emotional Freedom Techniques

10.2. can we use EFT TAPPING TO LET go of limiting/disempowering beliefs?

We doubt our capabilities, intentions, possibilities and successes. If we let these doubts overshadow our dreams, we might actually lead ourselves right into failure.

Having faith in ourselves is a very strong power. We must never let our beliefs lose their path to success. 

James Allen has said, "We do not attract what we want, but what we are." So be positive and do not let your doubts limit your powers.

EFT Tapping is very helpful to let go of limiting/disempowering beliefs. 

The steps are as follows:

  • Identify the limiting belief and how it makes you feel?
  • Activate the EFT Tapping points while using phrases to tap on the surface belief
  • Explore the memories associated with the limits, and use EFT Tapping
  • Close the session with positive affirmations while tapping on the points


"It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for adventures."

Oprah Winfrey

Heading out in the world, chin high with confidence, is one of the best feelings. Confidence is a trait that you should learn to balance just right.

Too much of it obviously comes off as snobby. But, the thing to remember is that no confidence is just as problematic. We may be told as kids to never be too proud or too confident. But something that is often missed out is how much is too much and how less is too less.

As we grow older, the need to be confident is strong to reassure yourself of your own capacities and skills. 

This is where EFT Tapping comes into the picture. Increasing one's confidence with the help of this reliable technique is a step in the right direction to take your confidence to new levels and boost your self-esteem. 

It's really easy to increase one's confidence with EFT Tapping. You can begin by making a list of what does not make you feel confident. Then work each reason, one by one, using the tapping technique. 


11.1. How will EFT TAPPING help if someone is diagnosed with Covid-19?

If someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, it is strongly recommended to follow the doctor’s advice.

In terms of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping, they can follow the immune booster procedure, which will help in tackling the Covid-19 disease better.

11.2. CAN EFT TAPPING HELP covid-19 patients?

Covid-19. What brought the world to a standstill. The fear of the disease struck right at home in the hearts of the people.

Patients, families of patients, and even the families not affected directly spent months at home with only this fear in mind. 

Recovering from the mental exhaustion and trauma caused by the virus is a challenge but it is absolutely necessary. Without appropriate coping mechanisms, one can get carried away by fear and paranoia. 

The fear of catching Covid-19 accelerates the fear of death. This has been the case for most of us.

It is important to ask the question, “What was it that triggered the patient when they were suffering from Covid-19?”

It’s great if you are helping a patient, but sometimes people might need someone independent of them. They can either work with a practitioner, or if you want to learn EFT Tapping, you can ask them to be your case study. You can let us know the progress or address your questions. We'll assist at every step.

You can do surrogate tapping as well, wherein you connect with their energy and tap on yourself for them every day.



When intense feelings of sadness persist for more than two weeks in a person accompanied by behaviour changes, they can be diagnosed with depression.

EFT Tapping for Depression is an alternative therapeutic method which has proven to be long lasting and effective. Emotional Freedom Technique is an intervention that helps people overcome physical and mental problems that they go through.

If you are a counsellor, a coach, or a healer of another sort, EFT can complement your practice and help you achieve rapid and easy breakthroughs with your clients.

If you suffer from depression yourself, EFT can help you restore yourself to health and find your happiness.

13. diabetes AND EFT TAPPING

13.1. Can EFT TAPPING help with type 2 diabetes?

With diabetes, at the medical level, two things are really important at the start, that is:

  1. Nutrition: To half the number of carbohydrates consumed and to double the amount of each serving of vegetables and lentils.
  2. Sleep: To be able to sleep a minimum of eight hours a day, since sleep reduces the body’s stress levels and would make it easier for the body to reverse a label like diabetes.

From an EFT Tapping perspective, you need to work on: 

  • The initial shock on receiving the diagnosis.
  • The anger due to lifestyle changes.
  • Exploring what needs to happen to put yourself first.
  • Exploring the theme of self-love and clearing any trauma associated with not being able to love yourself by using gentle techniques like Inner Child Matrix.
  • Empowering yourself and staying strong to the lifestyle changes you have made.
  • Sharing what you have learnt, with other people.

13.2. Can I USE EFT TAPPING TO lower my sugar level?

Yes, it can help and I do have an Endocrinologist in Mumbai who is using EFT on her patients for diabetes. I also have another practitioner in Mumbai who uses it with her clients for diabetes.

They both combine intermittent fasting with lowering carbohydrates and encouraging movement by using EFT Tapping to lower stress and increase health. Both of them have found positive results.

13.3. How can I frame the sentence for lowering the blood sugar levels?

I would first recommend learning the technique to clear the root cause of the blood sugar problem and the associated challenges like:

  • Having to control diet
  • Exercising

Once those areas have been explored you can complete a daily positive affirmation tapping. I used this process on my client diagnosed with cancer.

We first completed the deeper work and then a daily sequence, "Even though my blood sugar levels are at an X, I choose for them to be at a Y.”

From our studies, we have found a lack of self-love and self-care at the root cause of an imbalance of sugar levels. A Certified Practitioner can help in peeling away the layers to uncover the root memories associated with the imbalance and heal them using EFT Tapping.



Dealing with negative emotions really takes effort. So often, we decide to just ignore some of them, bury them and continue to go on with life. 

However, if not dealt with eventually, they can take a toll on one's mental peace and stability and start interfering with daily activities.

EFT can help not only to eliminate strong emotions, but also help to get to the root cause of the emotion so that even if the emotion is suppressed, one can let go of it in an organic and healthy way.

You can the EFT Tapping for Suppressed Emotions process by using the statement: “Even though I have this suppressed emotion, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” 

Then, keep peeling away the deeper layers and the root cause of suppressed emotions.

Once the root cause is known there is no need to suppress emotions anymore. In many cases, we suppress emotions because it’s not safe to feel it or there are conditional beliefs from our parents.

The three steps to the 'Tantrum Process' are as follows:

  • Place the fingers just below the collar bone and start tapping.
  • Keep tapping and make an ahh sound to express the emotion.
  • Then stamp the feet as if having a tantrum to release any emotion.

14.2. Does EFT help with empaths?

Everyone has that friend who's "always there", "such a good listener", "so understanding! I feel lighter already, talking to them". 

People are often drawn to empaths and get hooked on them. However, listening to so many people vent about themselves can be a burden for empaths. EFT Tapping helps empaths to avoid taking on other people’s problems.

So, with the help of EFT, empaths can learn to distance themselves from their clients in a way that they don’t leech on to them. Additionally, sensitivity can make empaths doubt themselves, so EFT can help them with heightening their intuition and believing in themselves.

14.3. How do I process emotions like guilt or anger with EFT Tapping? 

Getting angry about something is a split-second reaction. When your friend won't stop ranting about something you don't about, or sibling chooses that one bad day to start squabbling, you do the natural thing and yell at them.

But then that twinge of guilt hits and you're left feeling bad about your outburst. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques for Guilt

We speak the truth about the emotion we feel when we use “I love and accept myself” in the tapping process.

For example, if someone feels anger and guilt here are the steps:

Begin by asking yourself, “What are you feeling angry and guilty about?”

  • Once you have information to tap on that, use “Even though I am feeling anger and guilt about [ ADD INFORMATION] I deeply and completely love and accept myself."
  • The next step is to work on the memories associated with anger and guilt. In some cases, we work directly with a technique in EFT, known as the movie technique.
  • Then, you can explore whether there are limiting beliefs associated with the guilt and anger. For example, sometimes we can judge ourselves for getting angry or have beliefs to avoid conflict.
  • In some of the advanced ways of working, we explore shadows. In shadow work, we explore the unaccepted parts of ourselves and unconscious patterns that make us angry, when triggered.
  • The final step is to create a tapping sequence that conditions the new behaviour and repeat daily for 30 days, “Even though I get angry, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

What I would say is to resolve it, it is better to learn how to use the technique on yourself by getting professionally trained as part of a Personal Development Program or to receive sessions from a professionally Certified Practitioner.


It is natural for things to change sometimes. Even if promises are made with your whole heart at that moment, it cannot be assured that those circumstances remain constant for the time to come.

What you have to decide for yourself is whether the breaking of the promise upsets you, or how that affects the other person. Having this clearly set-out, you can proceed with EFT Tapping for Limiting Beliefs or EFT Tapping for Grief

Promises are like vows. You’ll need to clear the vows using the 'Limiting Belief process of EFT'.

15. fear/ phobia AND EFT TAPPING


A phobia is an extreme and often irrational fear about something. It can be very restricting as its intensity can affect your day-to-day activities to a large extent. When you have a phobia, you do everything you can to avoid being in that situation.

For example, people with acrophobia (the fear of heights) will be reluctant in going to the higher floors of a tall building, or feel nauseated when looking down from a height. It can be an obstacle in life.

So, it is very important to get to the root cause of this phobia, and get rid of it once and for all to enjoy our lives to the fullest. EFT Tapping for Phobias is a reliable technique to over your fears.


So, the question with fears and phobias is not about how many times you need to do it, but what you need to do. With overcoming phobias, you need to:

  • Begin by working on the surface symptoms. For example with a snake phobia, feeling slimy 
  • Then you work on the emotional aspects. For example, feeling scared
  • Finally, you explore the root memories that put the phobia in place

Many of our students, who attend EFT Practitioner Training have overcome the following fears and phobias within 20 minutes:

  • Snakes & spiders
  • Heights & needles
  • Dental procedure & surgery
  • Darkness

In the case of Elsa Bulo who had a phobia of balloons and could not attend children's parties, as she was scared of the sound of balloons popping.

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.


16.1. Can EFT TAPPING help with forgiveness?

Forgive and forget. Simple, yet so hard. Not all actions deserve to be forgiven. However, being stuck on the part that hurts because of what someone did to you can be poisonous.

True, that even though holding grudges has no point, we cannot simply wake up and forget everything we were put through.

We need forgiveness, not because someone else deserves it. We need forgiveness to bring ourselves peace. 

You need to explore:

  • Who needs forgiving or what needs forgiveness?
  • Why do they need forgiveness?
  • Memories associated with this person or with forgiving
  • The Inner Child Matrix process to cure  memories
  • Self-forgiveness


17.1. How to address the fear of death or the fear of uncertainty?

The question of death is a very sensitive one. We all know it's inevitable. But if it starts to loom over you, it might be an effect of something you have been through that brings this thought to your mind, again and again.

Clearing this burden is important so that you are not gravely affected by or don't surrender to such thoughts.

I would recommend that you take it up with a professional because this is a very delicate subject. You’d want to explore the reason behind this fear of death and what triggers this fear.

You’ll have to begin by asking gentle questions with utmost empathy and compassion like “Where you are right now?” “What is the reason they want to make that shift?” “What put that belief/ fear in place?”. Working in a step-by-step manner is another crucial element to it. I would recommend the Inner Child Matrix as well.

17.2. I feel guilty about my mother’s illness and deATH, Can EFT help ME?

You can explore the following options:

  • Use Inner Child Matrix to work on the trauma of losing your mother. 
  • Explore more about your guilt by asking questions such as, “What’s the reason for you feeling guilty?” Questioning will help you to identify the root cause and then you can use EFT Tapping to tap and clear them accordingly.

18. hair fall AND EFT TAPPING

18.1. Can EFT Tapping help in reducing my hair fall?

Waking up to find your pillow blanketed by hair can be a nightmare. There are countless products and homemade tricks to counter hair fall. Don't find any of those effective? 

Hair fall is usually triggered by stress. So, you can tap on the stress, as follows:

a. Start with surface level tapping

  • Example:
    “Even though my hair is falling, I love and accept myself. Even though my hair is falling and it makes me feel sad, it's a number 10, I love and accept myself.”

b. Start tapping on the stress: The next level of tapping works on the stress. You can explore with questions like:

  • What is stressing you out?
  • When does the hair fall out more?
  • When is it less?
  • What’s going on in your life? For example, Autumn is time for hair shedding. When you are travelling and don’t have one particular time zone, the body gets confused and hair falls more.

Additionally, you can nurture your hair as follows:

Charging your water: You can charge drinking water and bathing water by writing on your water bottle and your hot water geyser, “Healthy, happy hair”. The water will carry the vibration of this statement.

Using homemade hair oils: You can use homemade hair oil made from hibiscus flowers boiled with coconut oil and curry leaves.

Sometimes, your hair can keep the energy of negativity, so keeping your hair trimmed is important.

18.2. is hair fall caused due to thyroid or hormonal imbalance?

Hair fall is a common symptom of thyroid or hormonal imbalance.

It can also be caused by stress. There can be many reasons for hair fall. There can be an emotional root cause as well. Once unlocked with a technique like EFT, the hair can grow back.


19.1. How is EFT helpful for hyperpigmentation?

It’s always good to get a proper medical diagnosis for all skin-related problems. Skin-related problems require gentler techniques like Inner Child Matrix and Advanced EFT

It requires a trained EFT and Inner Child Matrix professional to work slowly and gently to uncover the emotional aspects and clear memories that have triggered the allergies.


20.1. How do I work on hypertension WITH EFT TAPPING?

For hypertension, you need to explore what triggers it and what else is happening in your life. Usually, it’s the external triggers and negativity that is not resolved.

I do the negativity release because sometimes, some people don’t want to express what’s going on to keep the  peace, and they keep it inside.

So, they need a system to really express what’s going on and discover the root belief of what’s happening.

Healing Edema And Fibromyalgia Pain With EFT Tapping

Unlock that and your hypertension will vanish.

If you are working with a client, (after you have the client’s intake form), you need to notice when they are feeling tensed or pressured and what is happening in their life. Explore using more questions to help them in a better way.


21.1. Would EFT TapPing help with Insomnia?

Have you had fits of sleepless nights? Tossing and turning in the sheets until you have to wake up again? Once in a while, out of excitement, staying up at night is fine.

But if you find yourself suddenly turning into a night owl, it could be insomnia. The feeling of never having slept enough is a common symptom of insomnia. This could throw off your entire routine. Treatment, before it starts affecting your daily life, is recommended.

We do have practitioners who have helped clients with sleep problems recover. Many of them who attend training report that they had a good night’s sleep. This is because letting go of the past can make one feel lighter.

EFT Tapping for insomnia can explore the root cause of the sleep disorder because there can be disturbing or root memories that consciously or unconsciously surface.

I recommend the finger holds on walking and going to sleep for insomnia.

22. menstrual/menopausal symptoms AND EFT TAPPING

22.1. Does EFT TAPPING work on pre-menopausal symptoms?

Half the population of the world has to bear monthly pain, mood swings and fits of hormonal changes. Even when the process of menstruation comes to an end, menopause can still be quite tough for many women.

EFT Tapping does work on pre-menopausal symptoms. However, there are reasons for these symptoms coming up and it depends on what’s going on with you emotionally, spiritually, and in your belief system. I would recommend herbs and proper nutrition.

However, EFT Tapping can be used to overcome the stress related to pre-menopause.

22.2. Can EFT TAPPING be used for PCOS?

PCOS, or Polycystic ovary syndrome, is a condition where the ovaries secrete an abnormal amount of androgens. Irregular menstruation cycles, sudden weight gain are some common symptoms. 

EFT Tapping can definitely help with PCOS. Since there can be multiple issues starting from the root cause, I recommend doing the Inner Child Matrix first.


23.1. I AM SUFFERING FROM PAIn, nausea, & headaches, WHAT CAN I DO?

Every case is different and each case has to be evaluated individually. However, there is clinical evidence to show that EFT Tapping lowers anxiety, fear, physical pain (including headaches).

The first thing to do is to fill an intake form and book a no-obligation consultation call with a certified EFT practitioner.

Once they've evaluated you're case, they will suggest a treatment plan which will include:

  • Working on the symptoms of headache, nausea, or anxiety.
  • Exploring the emotions associated with the physical symptoms.
  • Taking a full history as there can be financial issues or broken marriage, which are at the root cause of the physical pain.
  • To explore what is going on early in childhood, which is responsible for the discomfort.
  • To close the EFT Tapping treatment plan with positive sequences that will leave you feeling happy, healthy, and hopeful. 

23.2. I have this knee problem, How do I fix IT WITH EFT TAPPING?

EFT Tapping can help you with your knee pain. We have to work in layers.

The first step is to explore the surface symptoms. The colour, the texture, the size, the shape, and the sensations associated with the knee pain.

Once the surface symptoms are cleared, you can then move on to the root cause. You start to explore what is really going on by asking deeper questions.

Examples of questions include:

  • When did the pain start?
  • When does the pain begin in the day and when does the pain stop in the day?
  • How does the pain make you feel?
  • When have you felt like that before?

If you would like to explore using EFT Tapping with any kind of knee problem, we would recommend two things:

  • Learn the EFT Tapping and use it on yourself.
  • Work on it with one of our practitioners.

23.3. Is arthritis in the knee a part of Fibromyalgia? Can EFT Tapping help?

Arthritis is the swelling of joints. The most common signs are stiffness and pain at the joints. 

Fibromyalgia is muscle pain that is found all over the body, rather than being restricted to a certain part. Fatigue and sleep issues usually accompany this condition. 

So, arthritis in the knee cannot be included with Fibromyalgia.

However, I have worked with a case of arthritis. In this case, we tapped on her using the colour, texture size, and shape of the physical pain.

She described that her foot was hot like a rod. As we tapped, she said it was cool as a cucumber, and I noticed her foot unfurl. The leg relaxed, it was quite contorted. Then, we worked on her arm and elbow.

As I asked her deeper questions, there were memories of grief related to her dad and as we tapped more on that, it got better and she was able to move around.

So, with arthritis, you can first start tapping on the physical pain and tension and notice the outcome of it.

You can't overpromise that it's going to be gone forever. However, you can work on the physical and emotional aspects. 

As you work with different body parts, explore the following:

  • Which emotion is coming up?
  • When have they felt that before?
  • What does it remind them of?
Emotional Freedom Techniques for dry cough for Knee Pain

23.4. Does EFT TAPPING work on pain in the feet and spine?

Feet and back pain are very common among those who lead a hectic or active life or among those whose years are catching up. 

However, there might be an emotional link that is not easily unearthed.

EFT Tapping is very effective for pains. For feet and back, you must also explore the emotional aspects.

It can be asking questions to explore deeper like:

  • What’s stopping you from moving?
  • Is there a fear of moving forward?
  • Is there a fear of money or fear of security?
  • Has someone stabbed you in the back?

23.5. What if the pain or the tension moves while doing the session?

It is a really good thing because if this happens, it means the energy is moving in the body. This is known as 'Chasing the Pain'.

In many cases, physical pain has a related emotional aspect. So, each time you address physical pain, you are addressing an underlying emotional aspect.

When the pain moves, it means that you are moving on to address the next emotional aspect. So, as you are addressing and finding relief from each physical symptom, you are getting relief from the underlying emotional aspect.

It is like you are peeling out the layers of pain and the associated emotional distress.

What if you feel better for a few minutes, but then the pain comes back?

If the pain comes back, it means that there is much more at the deeper level that needs to be explored.

23.6. Can EFT TAPPING help after hip replacement surgery?

It can absolutely help with the pain and we know people who practised EFT before surgery to put themselves in that peak of their health status, and also when they have the pain.


24.1. Can EFT Tapping help us deal with panic attacks?

Heavy breathing, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, nausea, sweating. No, not a heart attack. It may be a panic attack. It can be an incident that really stays with you.

Panic attacks can be signs from your body that you need a break from your anxiety and troubling emotions. 

As a practitioner, sometimes, your client would not want to talk about what’s going on, so you have to work on it metaphorically. When I say metaphorically, it means you can first ask them to draw using colours or paints about how they feel about the panic attack.

Then, use the EFT Tapping Process to get the panic out of them through the piece of artwork they have created. Sometimes, there can be a root cause attached to panic attacks that need clearing.

In my case, there was a memory in my mother’s womb that had to be cleared. So, in panic, generally, there’s something that happened quite early in your life that needs clearing.

Additionally, you can hold the index finger using the Jin Shin Jyutsu technique, since it is linked to the energy of fear. 


25.1. Will adoption result in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Nearly all of us, at least once in our lifetime, come across a traumatic experience that leaves us shaken. We work on emotions caused by such incidents and eventually, we feel better.

However, if the effect of these traumatic experiences, such as extreme fear, anxiety or feeling of helplessness persist, it may develop into a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

A factor called “Survival Guilt” is associated with adoption. We once worked with twins. Unfortunately, one of them passed away. The other one struggled with this guilt and trauma for most of her life. So, adoption can cause a sense of rejection and thus, lead to trauma.

26. psychological disorders (SERIOUS) AND EFT TAPPING

26.1. Can EFT Tapping help WITH personality disorder?

With a personality disorder, there can be so many things going on where rigid thinking and inflexibility can be at the forefront. In addition, there can also be mood swings, depression, and past trauma.

EFT can help with the emotional aspects. I also recommend a technique known as secondary gain to support the client to relax the rigid thinking. We need to give them a strong enough “why” to want to change.

EFT is not a cure for any kind of mental health disorder, and it is recommended to get advice from a qualified mental health professional.

If the client wants relief from any stress or negative emotions or is motivated to change their thinking, then EFT Tapping is a good solution.

26.2. Does EFT TAPPING help someone with Bipolar issues?

Bipolar disorder is a major psychological condition where the patient suffers from extreme mood swings.

Manic episodes, including periods of high energy, hyperactivity or excessive elation, and depressive episodes, with low motivation, lack of energy and neurotic behaviour are the symptoms of this disorder.

We’ve had one case with bipolar disorder and they did get relief. However, I would recommend you consult a mental health professional first and then, we can assess it on a case-by-case basis.


27.1. Should one keep expectations while working on healing a relationship?

After the end of a relationship, take some time to heal yourself. Finding comfort in your own company is one of the most important things to do.

Expectations can make or break us. So it is advised that you are careful before making any decisions. Never stick to extremes. While dealing with pain, there is no 'yes or no'.

We feel emotions on a spectrum, not as sides of a coin. Taking time before taking the next step is perfectly acceptable.

When one is working on healing a relationship it really depends on what the client wants. It’s their choice if they want to do it without expectation or not. It also depends on what outcome the client wants. The rest is planned based on that session.

27.2. can eft tapping LEAD TO HEALTHIER RELATIONS?

Human beings are social. We need the attention and love of the people around us. Having relationships in different forms paves the road to happiness.

Sometimes, relationships, just like everything else in life, have their ups and downs. Not every friend is a best friend, not every partner is the one. But, if we never move on from the downs, we may never know the love and happiness which is yet to come.

Everyone has some relationships in the past that were hurtful, some fights, arguments with our families, an awful break-up, a friendship that once broken, was never repaired. Such heartbreaks interfere with new relationships. We become insecure and fearful of the future, and the people it brings to us.

To have better relationships, you need to enquire what is triggering you about the relationship, and use the EFT Tapping process on that. It is brilliant for this purpose as it works on the surface emotions as a result of disrespect, pain, and distance.

It also works on a deeper root cause, which is the core reason that the person felt triggered. Continuous Tapping might not help you unless you look at the root cause

You can handle one step at a time:

  • Start with questions to unpeel the layers and discover the root cause
  • After identifying the cause, you can use EFT tapping to clear associated memories
  • Explore if there is a belief in place and clear it using the limiting belief process while embedding choice
  • Explore inner child work to heal the inner critical voice and re-set the past by changing the vibration and embed it in the body mind with a heart meditation. We recommend connection with the heart because it changes the internal and external flow

It also allows them to have a choice if they really want to stay in that relationship or not. Finally, the process can be concluded with positive tapping sequences.

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

28. stress AND EFT TAPPING

28.1. how can eft tapping work to eliminate stress?

Undealt negative emotions such as stress can interfere with our ability to cope with new difficulties and challenges that are to come our way. With EFT Tapping, the intensity of such emotions reduces and you are better equipped to deal with stress.

EFT Tapping involves tapping on specific points on the meridians of your body’s energy system which can get blocked due to stress. Tapping ensures that these blocks are dissolved.

This decrease in emotional intensity indicates that your stress level is going down. As we saw above, stress affects the entire body, from your heart rate to your breathing to your blood pressure to your degree of muscle tension.

EFT Tapping puts the body back into the parasympathetic (relaxation) nervous system. As EFT Tapping reduces stress, all our body's resources become fully available to us.

When your emotions are positive and peaceful, your body no longer receives those stress signals, even though your life circumstances may not have changed.

As you become calm, all the systems in the body start functioning in a relaxed state. (7)

EFT Tapping for stress is proven to reduce stress, lower cortisol, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, relieve pain, increase productivity, and much more.

28.2. How can stress lead to illness?

Chronic and/or unconscious stress upsets the natural balance of the nervous system, which disturbs the body’s natural ability to maintain and repair itself.

This renders the body vulnerable to the effects of a poor diet, environmental toxins, and microbes. This might result in disease and illnesses.

28.3. CAN EFT TAPPING HELP WITH stress, glaucoma and BP problems?

EFT Tapping can definitely help you with stress. It has been clinically proven to lower the cortisol levels in the body. You can learn EFT for yourself, as part of a personal development tool, which will help you with work-related stress.

As far as blood pressure and glaucoma are concerned, you can first contact your doctor. Further, EFT can help you to lower stress levels and this will have a positive impact on your health conditions.

It will also help you unlock a lot of the other things that are going on in your life. There has been work with EFT for eyesight. There is an eye protocol that you can follow, to help you with glaucoma.


What we recommend in EFT is to ask a lot of questions to be able to get to the root cause of stress. You can ask questions like:

  • “What makes you feel stressed?”
  • “Have you experienced stress like this before?”
  • “What triggers your stress?”

When you ask such questions, you’ll be able to uncover the root cause of them.

You can also explore the surface symptoms. In many cases, physical pain is the body’s way of communicating with us to let us know something is not right.

So, if you are finding it difficult to pinpoint the cause of stress, you can start by exploring any physical pain, distress, or physical tension in your body. Get specific information about the pain like the colour, the texture, the size, the shape, and the sensations associated with the pain.

Working on the surface pain and then questioning deeper will help you zero down to the root cause.

29. weight loss/ obesity AND EFT TAPPING


Do you find yourself putting your favourite outfits back in the wardrobe because you think you don't look good enough? Thin enough?

Many things can lead to weight gain. For example, hormonal imbalances, overeating due to stress or low-esteem, physical inactivity, thyroid, PCOS or cravings.

By focusing on the emotions, beliefs, and memories associated with weight gain or the inability to lose weight and helps you uncover and clear the root cause of the reason they started to put on weight in the first place.

EFT helps you to figure out the root cause of your weight gain and resolve it, consequently shedding your extra kgs. Weight loss isn't about just going on a diet or exercising till you have drained yourself.

Sometimes, it's also about processing your emotions, so that a holistic approach will help you lose weight.


How many times have you reached for a bite of your favourite chocolate, or chips and hesitated, weight in mind, only to grab it again? How many times have those intense hours in the gym added to nothing because you snuck in those forbidden calories when craving for something sweet?

Cravings can seriously result in putting on weight as you console or excuse yourself because you need that comfort at that moment. 

EFT Tapping is one of several alternatives that can help you in eliminating your cravings and losing weight.

There can be many possible reasons for cravings, including emotions like guilt, abandonment, and hurt. Consequently, the weight you put on because of them would then be called the emotional weight.

The way EFT works in eliminating cravings is:

  • It allows you to uncover the positive surface associated with the craving.
  • Helps you uncover the emotions that trigger the cravings.
  • Helps you identify the root cause.

An empowering way forward with cravings is to allow your emotions to be expressed instead of suppressing them, and to uncover the root cause of the cravings with a clinically-proven technique like EFT, which involves Tapping on energy points to release stressful emotions and past situations associated with cravings.


30.1. Can EFT Tapping heal chronic constipation, piles and fissures?

Piles is very common among those above the age of 50. It is generally caused by chronic constipation. Fissures, being tears caused due to difficult bowel movements, are more serious and can be painful (2). 

I had a client once who was very constipated and she would go for colonic irrigation. She would use EFT Tapping at the same time and her colonic irrigation therapist found a marked difference in the physical release my client experienced with EFT versus without it.

Of course, with constipation, diet plays a major role and having foods that support digestion and easy bowel movement versus those that irritate the bowels.

Some themes to explore with constipation:

  • Being inflexible and rigid versus flexible
  • Need for control and holding onto things for safety

30.2. Will EFT Tapping help me to cure liver problems?

EFT Tapping can help in handling stress and anger issues which impact the liver. Some symptoms of liver problems may be nausea, sickness, weakness or jaundice. Leading causes of a dysfunctional liver are viral infections and overuse of drugs or alcohol.

Since issues with the liver are usually associated with anger, EFT Tapping for anger can be of help.

The liver begins to have problems when it isn’t able to get rid of toxins, so EFT can also help with clearing out the stress and other negative emotions in the body.

30.3. How do I work on chronic dry cough?

Usually, dry coughs are caused by choking or temporary blockages in the airway, or as reactions to irritants like smoke or dust.

However, if it continues for a long time, it may develop into a chronic condition and be a cause for concern.

Chronic dry cough depends on what’s going on in the immune system and what’s emotionally attached to it.

EFT Tapping for dry cough

You will need to explore the surface symptoms, and the root cause with a qualified EFT Practitioner, who has been certified internationally.

Try doing the EFT Tapping procedure and see how that feels.

30.4. i have Herpes in my left eye which is really painful. Can EFT help me?

You can do a couple of things to help your eye get better:

a) Firstly, you need to be very careful while touching your eye.

b) You can use the Immune Booster process, while imagining the virus moving out, as follows:

  • Make a soft fist with both your hands and gently keep tapping below the collar bone on your chest.
  • Simultaneously, imagine the virus is moving away from the eye.

c) Learn the EFT Tapping process and work on the root cause of the problem and clear the tiredness out of you. This will make your eyes less susceptible to infections.

d) There has been work with EFT for eyesight and there is an eye protocol that you can follow. 

30.5. Does EFT work for kidney stones?

No, I don’t know if EFT Tapping works for kidney stones.

But I do know something that I’ve done with EFT, which is the 'Finger Holds'. In Japanese medicine, the index finger is linked to the emotion of fear and kidneys are to do with the energies of fear.

We’ve witnessed that these finger holds have helped some of our clients have an easier passage of the stones out of the body. 

However, I would recommend you get in touch with a medical doctor, just to be heedful of any medical condition or challenge that is going on.

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

30.6. Can EFT or acupressure help cases like tinnitus or myopia?

It varies case by case. If there is an emotional reason or a root cause, then a technique like EFT can really help.

30.7. How can EFT help with Bruxism?

Bruxism, the grinding of teeth, is common under stress or when someone is extremely nervous or afraid. 

I would be tempted to use EFT with Inner Child Matrix because if there is an emotional root cause underneath, then it should help. However, I am unsure until I know the person’s history.

30.8. Does eft tAPPING work only for breathing or for all problems?

Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used for a variety of different things, such as:

  • Releasing negativity
  • Managing anger
  • Healing grief
  • Overcoming depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Healing heartbreak, divorce, and separation
  • Physical pain
  • Defeating phobias

Furthermore, you can use EFT Tapping for:

Achieving goals, making more money, attracting the right partner, deepening one's spiritual practiceemotional wellness to solve challenges like healing past disturbing memories, and healing emotional and physical pain.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

In summary, EFT is a very powerful tool to deal with scenarios that diminish your sense of peace and calmness. EFT Tapping helps to reduce tension, promote a deeper mind-body connection, and manage symptoms of anxiety, depression or stress. This method helps to restore the balance and flow of energy to resolve or tackle physical and emotional problems. It helps in eliminating stress and anxiety overcoming depression and limiting beliefs, coping with grief caused by the death of a loved one or the ending of an important relationship. Along with this, it helps in clearing negative emotions to resolve many issues related to acidity, diabetes, insomnia, hair fall and weight loss among many others.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is purely for educational purposes and does not in any way replace the requirement for medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment. Please seek professional medical and psychological diagnosis and advice for all medical and mental health conditions. It is advised to always book any consultations with qualified professionals.

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