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the importance of EFT tapping

"Move confidently through your day in the secure knowledge that you are a child of of the universe, full of joy, power, creativity, and love"

- Dawson Church

How many of you reading this article think that cavemen lifestyle was the best? No stress, no trauma, no overthinking, no nothing. 

I cannot say what set of challenges they would have faced, but I do know the ones we experience on a day-to-day basis. With so much stimulus around us - all the things happening in the world - it is bound to affect us one way or the other.

Let us take my example: Before the pandemic, also known as, COVID-19 hit us, I was an avid traveller. 

I couldn’t bear to stay in one place for long and would love to explore the vastness of our country.

But when the pandemic did hit, I was forced to be cooped up at home. I know it was for my own good, but it also made me anxious. I felt trapped and imprisoned. 

I am so sure there are many of us who are burdened by problems. We feel even more frustrated when our chosen method of release doesn’t work as efficiently or as quickly as we would want.

We can be overwhelmed while searching what kind of methods work for us. It might be yoga, or your traditional talking therapy, medication, exercising, and what not. 

There are so many people out there who do not know how to let go of all that ails them, they do not even realize that the tired they feel, the frustrations of the daily grind, that all this is affecting their body. 

EFT Tapping For Nervousness

You want to live a full, happy life. A life filled with joy, peace, and one which is fulfilling. 

But what if I told you there is one such technique that can help you, effectively as well as efficiently? 

And that you wouldn’t have to depend on anyone else to regain control in your life? And the best part? You can do it whenever, wherever you want.

And the "best-est" part? You can heal...yourself!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fascinating concept of alternative therapy, or as I would like to call it - EFT Tapping. 

What is eft tapping really?

The predecessor to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) required patients to tap on distinct meridians based on unique troubles.

Whoa, whoa, whoa - EFT? TFT? Meridians? Let’s take a quick recap.

Before it was known as EFT, which is an easier to follow and simplified version (courtesy of Gary Craig), it was known as TFT - a discovery of psychiatrist Dr. Roger Callahan in the 1980’s.

Now, ancient Chinese medicines applied the concept of ‘Chi’, the energy points in our body. These energy points are also called meridians or meridian points. 

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

Acupressure also uses the same concept. EFT Tapping is a mixture of acupuncture and modern psychology.

It is -and was- believed, that upon tapping these meridian points, we can free negative emotions. 

These emotions manifest themselves adversely in the form of diseases, illnesses, and basically compromise our mental, physical, and emotional health.

Now, now, it is completely okay to be sceptical about this. Many people were. But, would you like to know something? Once they had so much as a sneak-peak of what EFT can do, they become the staunchest of believers. 

You might think - Oh, it is just tapping, what’s so great about that?

True, you only have to tap on the meridian points - but this has the power to resolve your problems, help you become a better person you had envisaged yourself to be. 

Why do we suffer from these issues in the first place? Our brain is to be thanked for it. 

Parts of Brain

You see, our brain sends signals all over body in order for our organ systems to function the way they should. 

Our prefrontal cortex - the front part of our brain - is responsible for all our decision-making, analytical thinking, problem solving etc.

When our brain comes across something it perceives to be a danger to us, our amygdala takes charge. 

If you actually see a diagram of the brain, the amygdala is small in comparison. But, boy, does it pack a punch.

In flight-or-flight scenarios, the amygdala pushes our logical thinking at the back, and makes way for all the emotions take control of us, not the other way around. 

This affects our capability of being logical, making the right decisions. We get brain fog. Not worth it at all. 

How our amygdala responds is beneficial when we are in actual real life danger, but suppose, if we are anxious for our exam results, or a job interview? 

That kind of a response does more harm than good. All this happens because our brain believes we are in danger. 

Now, those meridian points I wrote about earlier? They become choked up, not able to flow freely in the body. 

Negative emotions that arise block the pathway of the energy points, and our body goes out of balance. And from there all our stress manifestations arise. 

EFT Tapping makes life simpler. It is easier and painless. You can use EFT Tapping to solve a problem or to work towards a goal.

Examples of problems that can be addressed with EFT Therapy include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Headaches
  • Over-thinking
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Sadness
  • Nervousness
  • Fears and phobias
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Physical Pain
  • Disguised illnesses, diseases, and disorders

Examples of goals that can be achieved with EFT Tapping include:

  • Making more money
  • Career promotion
  • Relationship fulfillment
  • Regaining lost confidence
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Overcome learning difficulties 

"Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organize your life around it” 

- brian tracy

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

How Does EFT tapping Work?

As we know, our energy gets unbalanced due to the build-up of negative emotions in the body. 

Before tapping, you want to set up a phrase that explains what you are attempting to tackle.

For example: "Even though I feel frustrated about not finding a job, I accept and love myself deeply."

When we tap, our focus is on the root cause of our issue/problem/goal. 

We are essentially sending signals to our brain to relax, to let go of these toxic emotions thus allowing us to heal from within. 

It allows the amygdala to go back from whence it came (metaphorically, of course). 

But still pretty cool, eh? You can start feeling better within minutes in the comfort of your home!

tapping points

When we do a Tapping session, we tap on the following energy points present on the body:

  1. Eyebrow
  2. Side of the eye
  3. Under the eye
  4. Under the nose
  5. Chin
  6. Collarbone
  7. Under the arm
  8. Thumb
  9. Index finger
  10. Middle finger
  11. Little finger
EFT Tapping Points
EFT Tapping Points (Hand)

If you want to know a whole lot more regarding the origins of Emotional Freedom Technique, the way that it works, and how it is able to be applied to distinct situations then you may be interested in taking the EFT training course.

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

Scientific Studies

There have been numerous studies gauging the effectiveness of the EFT Tapping technique.

One such study led by Dr. Dawson Church was published in 2012 in the Journal Of Nervous And Mental Disease.

The participants were subjected to an one-hour long session of the EFT Tapping Therapy. 

When their cortisol levels were measured, the result concluded that there was a 24-50% decrease! With just one-hour of therapy, isn’t that absolutely brilliant?

A group of war veterans participated in the study known as The Stress Project wherein they were subjected to the EFT Tapping therapy for their PTSD. 

Within six sessions there was an average decrease of 63% in their symptoms! Isn’t that fantastic?! 

In 2017, there was a survey in which upto 63% of EFT Practitioners said that complex cases of PTSD could be solved with EFT Tapping within ten sessions or even fewer. And 89% of the respondents reported that less than 10% of their clients make little to no progress.

Even for school-going children, where they have pressure to study, to get into a good college program, a study by the Skill Lab concluded that with EFT Tapping, their anxiety levels were reduced.

Would you believe me if I told you that EFT can even help with athletic scores? 

It is true! After a 15-minute EFT therapy session, the target group showed nearly 21% improvement in performance as compared to the other group who had been subjected to a placebo treatment. 

These are just some cases where EFT has helped improve so many people’s lives, no matter their age, career, or gender. 

And you know who else uses EFT? Celebrities!

  • The Duchess of Cornwall has used EFT for her fear of flying
  • Bralon Taplin, the olympic athlete, uses it before his races
  • Madonna is also said to be a fan of this technique
  • Whoopi Goldberg, the actress, too has used EFT to help her get over her fear of flying, as well as many other aspects of her life.
  • Have you ever had/have a chocolate addiction? EFT helped singer Lily Allen overcome her addiction for chocolate
  • EFT has even helped Michael Ball overcome his performance anxiety.

Now, tell me. Are you seriously not intrigued by EFT Tapping?

How Do You Go About It?

1. First, you need to accept whatever you’re going through.

That is one of the key steps. It is completely and absolutely okay to feel whatever you’re feeling. Your feelings are valid.

2. Set up a phrase or a statement with a fixed affirmation.

This will be helpful to you as you focus on your core problems during the therapy session. For example, 

Even though I feel anxious about flying in an airplane, I love and accept myself.

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): EFT Tapping for healing yourself

Step 1:

identify your feelings and explore them

Take a deep, relaxing breaths and identify your emotions. What are you feeling?

Explore the physical sensations in the body associated with your current state of mind and use the physical tension tapping process to reduce the sensations.

Then use the EFT Tapping Points Process taught in detail during EFT Practitioner Training Online. 


To get started, begin by investigating the physical nature of your feelings

Connect with the emotions and notice where you feel it in the body. Then use the EFT Tapping for Physical Tension taught in detail during the EFT Practitioner Training to clear the surface feelings and feel calmer. 

Briefly, you can begin by asking yourself the following questions to explore further:

  • Where in the body do you experience these emotions?
  • What is the colour, texture, size, shape of these emotions in the body?
  • Can you associate a texture with them? For example rough or smooth


Then measure the level of your feelings by asking: 

"What number are they on, where 10 is really high and 1 is not high at all." Just go with whatever comes up spontaneously, without thinking too much about it. 


Begin by Tapping on the Karate Chop or Side of the Hand EFT Tapping Points: 

For example : "Even though I feel (insert whatever you are feeling) and I feel it in my [part of the body where there is pain] and its at a number 6 and it's red in colour and it feels rough, I deeply and completely love and accept myself." (Repeat 3 times).


Then Tap on the facial and upper body EFT Tapping Points using these phrases:

  • Eyebrow: This feeling...
  • side Of the Eye: So (ex: painful, anxious, stressed...., etc)
  • Under the eye: I feel it in my chest..
  • Under the nose: It's a red colour...
  • Chin: At a number 6...
  • Collarbone: So rough...
  • Under the arm: This feeling...
  • Thumb: I feel it in my chest...
  • Index Finger: So (ex:painful, anxious, stressed..., etc)
  • Middle Finger: Really feeling...
  • Little Finger: The colour red...


Close the sequence by coming back to the EFT Karate Chop Tapping Points and repeat once: 

"Even though I feel (insert whatever you are feeling) and I feel it in my chest and it's at a number 6 and it's red in colour and it feels rough, I deeply and completely love and accept myself."



Take a gentle breath in and out and take a sip of water.



At the end of the EFT Tapping, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What number is the feeling on now?
  • What happened?
  • How does it make you feel?

You can repeat this process by going back to Step 1 if you feel like the number could come down a little more.

Step 2:

Then Discover Past Experiences Of Feeling Similarly And Clear Them 

Explore memories related to the physical tension and use the Tell the Story & the Movie Technique to clear it. 

To uncover the memories linked to how you've been feeling, you can ask questions like:

  • When have you felt these sensations before?
  • What do these sensations remind you of?
  • When did the sensations start? What happened?
  • Was there ever a time when you did not experience these symptoms?
  • What can trigger and bring on the symptoms?

Identify past events linked to these feelings and resolve it with the help of tapping therapy.

You can ask the following questions:

  • When have you felt like this before?
  • What happens to trigger these feelings?
  • Who or what triggers these feelings?

These questions will identify your past experiences associated with your current issues. 

Step 3:

Explore Any Limiting Beliefs That Prevented You From Being free

Limiting beliefs are thoughts that can be conscious or unconscious and can end up becoming responsible for self-sabotage, procrastination and low self-esteem, in an individual.

First, uncover the limiting beliefs which can either be at the surface level or associated with the deeper root memories. Then shift them from stressful to empowering. For example, 

  •  “Something bad is going to happen” to “Everything is going to be OK"
  • "It not safe" to "I am safe now"

Step 4:

Close With Positive EFT Tapping For healing:

Examples of a positive tapping sequence might be:

  • “Even though I felt painful, now, I am open to feeling pain free.”
  • “Even though I was living with this pain for many months, now, I open myself to the possibility of being pain free."
EFT Tapping for Negative Emotions
The One Thing to Do for EFT Tapping

An individual can utilize EFT tapping for anxiety, weight loss problems, pain, stress and several other troubles. 

Don't worry, it's a totally secure and pain-free therapy.

EFT works by balancing the energy within the body, thus relieving symptoms connected with pain, anxiety, and other mental health difficulties.

Once students complete the 5 day certification training they submit cause studies, practice sessions and complete an on-line exam before being awarded Certified EFT Practitioner status.

EFT Practitioners can conduct sessions face to face, over the telephone or on-line with whats app, zoom or Skype.

Eighty percent of my one to one client sessions are on-line as I travel often from city to city delivering EFT Practitioner Training Seminars. 

You make a change as you wish to enhance the caliber of your life, not because you are an unmotivated person who wishes to become better. By doing this you may often eliminate the problems themselves! 

When you are applying this tapping technique, you consciously consider the problem you’re experiencing. The focus also goes on how it is affecting you as a way to alleviate your distress.

Dr Shilpa meet

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

WHO CAN USE EFT tapping?

It can be anyone who wants to be free from limiting beliefs and lead a good life.

  • Those wanting to heal themselves, their family, friends, anybody really

  • Want to get over your fears and phobias that limit you from enjoying your life

  • For people going through trauma, pain, sadness, grief

  • Those who want to achieve a particular life-goal

  • For people who want to learn more about emotional or therapeutic techniques

  • Those curious about EFT Tapping
  • Those people who seek a new profession to help others

  • For those who want to identify and release emotional patterns

Tapping is one particular tool to assist you to realize the goal of life. The aim of life is to increase, meaning whenever you could be sick, the psyche would like to heal to become much healthier and happier. 

Benefits Of EFT tapping
  • The fundamental Tapping procedure is simple to learn 
  • It is painless! 
  • It can be carried out anywhere
  • It can be employed to supply impressive do-it-yourself outcomes.
  • Furthermore, the fundamental way is very portable and learnable by just about everyone.
  • It can be done at any time, anywhere
  • It is not time consuming
  • It is less expensive
  • It can be used for specific purposes based on your life’s demands
  • It can provide quick relief
  • The power to heal is yours, you have the control
  • It has no known negative side effects

The technique is not hard to learn and is ideal for self-help.

Tapping also helps you discover hidden traumas and unexpressed feelings we’ve been carrying with us since childhood. We don’t even realize what all we have been hiding with us for so many years. 

Unresolved, it affects our psyche, the way we live our lives. As soon as you know the simple technique, you can devote a brief period of time tapping any time that it is convenient.

We don’t have to live in a vicious cycle of suffering and trying out temporary fixes, only to come back to square one. We owe ourselves the kind of life we have envisioned for ourselves.

And EFT will help you achieve it. All you have to do is believe and begin. And I promise, you will feel so better. 


Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

P.S. Want to discover if EFT is right for you? Book a Complimentary Discovery Call. 

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

So in summary, EFT Tapping Therapy is an alternate therapy method that helps you to master your emotions and feel good about yourself. You can also become an EFT Practitioner and help others heal as well. EFT Tapping helps to reduce tension, promote a deeper mind-body connection, and manage symptoms of anxiety, depression or stress.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is purely for educational purposes and does not in any way replace the requirement for medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment. Please seek professional medical and psychological diagnosis and advice for all medical and mental health conditions. It is advised to always book any consultations with qualified professionals.

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