EFT Tapping for Energy

In this article you will learn how you can use the EFT Tapping sequence to increase your energy. 

Are you feeling low? Irritable or even perhaps tired? Do you get breathless while walking and wished that you had more energy everyday?

Energy is a very important part of life, considering the stress and the everyday rigmarole in life.

Life for most people has become a constant battle, when trying to complete even everyday tasks.

Considering the sedentary lifestyle and the increase in stress even in everyday work, it is imperative to have high energy at all times to balance overall health and vitality.

It does not help that most people also do not have time to cook and prefer getting a take out or ordering food from out to manage their dietary needs.

Eating unhealthy junk food also affects Energy levels greatly. 

In today's world, there is also a lot of focus given to performing arts, dance and sports.

Nurses and Doctors also may have to stay on their toes all day long and not having enough energy can be a big cause for concern. 

Other than physical activities, negative emotions such as anger, emotional pain, hurt, sadness and unforgiveness can also drain whatever energy is left within a person.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)not only helps to eliminate these emotions, but also helps in maintaining high energy levels at all times.

To get started and boost your energy, just tap along with the Tapping sequence below.


I truly hope that you've enjoyed this tapping sequence and boosted your energy. Do forward this special Tapping sequence to your friends and family members. 



In Summary, being low on energy is pretty normal with the increased levels in stress, emotional pain and poor dietary habits. EFT can be helpful in increasing your energy levels.

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