I am no longer haunted by my past, EFT set me free!

How often has a memory or something you’ve seen, triggered an emotion of anger or pain, or even depression? It’s from early as childhood that memories both positive and negative start getting stored in the psyche. 

A painful memory can emerge at any time, when you are reminded of it based on a current situation. For example, you’re watching a movie and there’s a violent scene, the emotions triggered as a result of that violence may take the memory back to an abusive past experience. Alternatively, what can also happen is the mind put’s up a defence and blocks out the past painful memories and allows them to surface when it is easier to actually face what happened. 

Memories are often stored away in our psyche till it is safe, only resurfacing when we are faced with similar incidents or situations. According to Psychology Today*, the same areas of the brain get activated for both emotional and physical pain. Hence emotional healing is as important as physical healing. The good news is that a painful memory also emerges when you are ready to work through it and heal.

This is what happened one day when Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, Sadhna Batouri Singh attended EFT Practitioner Training where as she relaxed, the past unresolved memories that were waiting to be healed started to surface and she worked through each one, step by step. It was only when she went home she realised that she had become free from those old past emotions that had haunted her, “I was cleaning my book shelf when I found some old letters and photos that in past triggered a feeling of intense anger and agitation within me, because they always reminded me of the bad days I had in life.”


“Then during EFT Training, Dr. Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (Ph.D.) got to the root cause of what was causing those feelings and helped me tap them away. I realised that the feelings were because of underlying painful experiences. A few days later as I looked at those photos and letters again I could only feel love and it actually brought a smile to my face. I am completely free and only have to thank Dr Rangana for it.”

Emotional Freedom Techniques is clinically proven to overcome stress, anxiety tensions, depression, cravings, pain, fears and phobias to create health, happiness and vitality.

During the 4 days EFT Practitioner Training, as attended by Sadhna Batouri Singh, you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate stress, physical tension, pain and cravings
  • Clear negativity, negative emotions and situations
  • Transform past events, hurts, fears and limitations
  • Shift limiting beliefs to move towards what you want
  • Work with adults and children on real-life issues
  • Become qualified as a Practitioner

To find out more about Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner Training and how the training can help as part of a self-healing program or to become professionally qualified and make a difference to the lives of others and earn a living. 

For best results: Attending the 4 day Emotional Freedom Techniques training with a qualified Master Trainer or to booking a session with a professionally qualified and internationally certified practitioner is recommended.

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