How To Use EFT For Menorrhagia?

How To Use EFT For Menorrhagia?

EFT Tapping For Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is a condition where women of reproductive age suffer heavy bleeding. Emotions such as worry and stress worsen the blood flow. Emotional Freedom Tapping techniques prove effective in dealing with Menorrhagia and that is exactly what we will be delving deeper into in this blog.

Difficult pasts and anxieties have always had a deep-rooted connection. No matter what, bad past experiences tend to shoot up worry and anxieties in a jiffy.

Last month, a woman approached me. Stress was written all over her face.

I was scared to see her like that. I could somehow sense that she was feeling a mix of worry and frustration.

When I asked her about the underlying cause, she could pretty much explain the root cause.

She was going through a terrible time. Imagine yourself profusely bleeding not just for a single week, but for 45 days in a row. This was happening to her in episodes.

Having faced this for months, her medications were no longer working. The stabbing pain in her lower abdomen would not allow her to get out of bed all day.

She was at a stage where her future fear story could soon be linked to the mere mention of blood. It had become a living nightmare for her.

When I heard her story, one thing was clear. Her worries were worsening the situation. Pain causes inconvenience both in one's personal and professional life.

When the pain becomes persistent, it often disrupts one’s peace of mind and causes both frustration and exhaustion.

The level of pain varies on an individual basis, and so the direction that you take to relieve yourself from it will be different too.

My client wanted to try out EFT therapy. Let’s see if her decision to resort to Emotional Freedom Techniques will help her overcome her worries attached to Menorrhagia.

EFT For Menorrhagia

What is Menorrhagia?

Let’s face it, periods are never fun! Despite the biological reason for having them, one despises everything about them: Cramps, mood swings, cravings, etc.

What if I tell you that this normal process of bleeding for 3-7 days doubles? So that means that you will be bleeding for an average of 10 days. This is what a period getting heavier means and we name it ‘heavy bleeding.’ (1)

There is no exact amount of blood that clarifies whether you are bleeding normally or heavily. However, we do know what periods are like on an average. 

On average, a woman loses up to 80ml blood every month, so anything above that standard is classified as heavy bleeding. This condition of heavy menstrual flow with severe cramps is known as Menorrhagia. (2)

Medical statistics suggest that it is a common problem in women and is often caused by either hormonal imbalances or problems associated with the uterus.

The majority of women with this disease have been medically diagnosed and are on medications. It's always a good idea to consult your physician and be sure of the symptoms. However, no diagnosis comes with a guarantee of 100% relief.

Since this type of issue is quite common, EFT Tapping for Menorrhagia can be very effective.

In this technique, your body releases fewer stress hormones, thereby making you feel calm. Your relaxed state of mind is slowly restored.

When Menorrhagia is left untreated, uneasiness prevails and lasts much longer, making it difficult for you to function normally.

EFT Tapping for Menorrhagia

It becomes impossible to relax, and further, the heavy periods drain both your mind and the body.

Act before it reduces your vitality, disrupts your sleep, and exhausts your body.

What Causes Menorrhagia? 

There are three main causes of Menorrhagia, namely:

  • Uterine-related Problems
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Other Disorders or Illness

Although not everyone with Menorrhagia will have the same root cause, the majority will relate to the below mentioned list of possible causes:


Uterine-related Problems

The prime causes of menorrhagia are as follows:

  • Fibroids: Uterine fibroids or polyps are non-cancerous growths in the muscle of the womb or tumours of the uterus.
  • Uterine cancer: It is a cancer of the uterus or cervix that develops in the womb. Endometrial cancer is the most common type of uterine cancer.
  • IUD or coil: Certain types of birth control such as Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD) and coil are well-known causes of heavy periods or Menorrhagia.
  • Pelvic infections: Heavy bleeding is also developed by various pelvic infections. For example, Chlamydia.
  • Miscarriage: When an unborn baby (foetus) loses its life within the uterus, it is known as a miscarriage. This is one of the problems related to pregnancy that can cause abnormal bleeding.
  • Ectopic pregnancy: It is another problem associated with a pregnancy resulting in abnormal bleeding. It is a situation when a baby starts to grow outside the womb of a mother (uterus), which is not safe.
  • Blood clotting disorder: It is a rare cause of heavy bleeding and can also be developed when any medicines consumed interfere with blood clotting.


Hormonal Imbalances

When you do not ovulate every month because of estrogen and progesterone issues—both of which are hormones—your period not only becomes irregular, but may also turn heavier.

This is a major symptom reported by women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) or having an under-active thyroid gland.

Hypothyroidism or an under-active thyroid gland is a situation when the body doesn't produce enough thyroid hormones (4).


Other Disorders or Illnesses

Following are the less common causes resulting in heavy bleeding:

1. VWD (Bleeding-related disorder): The Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) is a blood-related disorder where the blood fails to clot properly. It is closely related to a blood clotting disorder.

A person with VWD delays in releasing platelets so a clot takes longer to form. Hence, this results in excessive bleeding (5).

It is commonly found in individuals experiencing easy bruising, and it may even get serious enough to damage joints in rare cases.

2. Non-bleeding-related disorders: Non-bleeding-related disorders are associated with liver, kidney, thyroid, or cancer diseases.

Signs and Symptoms

Let’s answer the question nagging at the back of your head, “How do I identify Menorrhagia?”

Signs and Symptoms of Menorrhagia

For most women, there is no abnormality with the uterus (womb). They find none of the changes within their body that we discussed above. So, how do you know if you have Menorrhagia?

If you find the following points true for your body, you must consult a medical practitioner and get tested (6):

  1. A menstrual flow soaking through one or more pads/tampons every hour for several hours in a row.
  2. Bleeding between periods, or facing irregular bleeding.
  3. Doubling up on pads to control your menstrual flow.
  4. Having to change pads or tampons during the night due to heavier flow.
  5. A menstrual cycle that lasts more than 7 days.
  6. Having a menstrual flow with blood clots larger than the size of a quarter.  
  7. Heavy menstrual flow-restricting daily activities.
  8. Vaginal Discharge.
  9. Constant pain in the lower part of the stomach during your periods.
  10. Symptoms of anaemia, such as tiredness, fatigue, or shortness of breath.

Pain from Menorrhagia may be continuous, or it may start and stop frequently, or it may occur only under some conditions. It may occur suddenly and last for a short period. Or it may develop slowly and last for several months or years.

When the doctor is aware of your medical history and period cycle, they'll suggest a diagnosis of menorrhagia with a pelvic exam, ultrasound, pap test, or sometimes a biopsy.

Based on personal preferences, treatment for menorrhagia includes hormones or other medicines, and procedures to treat the uterine lining or remove the uterus.

There’s another effective method to treat menorrhagia: Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapy! This is one of the most-used therapeutic treatments established by Gary Craig in 1993.

For those new to EFT, it is a Tapping Therapy that combines tapping on acupressure points while speaking statements out loud to accept situations. As we explore EFT for ourselves, we can become more aware of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

If you would like to experience the power of EFT Tapping first-hand, just download the EFT Tapping Booklet below.

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, and past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

What are the two aspects of EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of alternative therapy method involving intentionally tapping gently with fingertips on acupuncture meridian end-points while speaking out statements founded in truth.

EFT or "Tapping" is an easy-to-learn, quick technique that anyone can use with a little guidance.

It allows you to change the way you respond to uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and troubling memories. For example, the tension associated with profuse bleeding.

Whether done alone or together with an experienced practitioner, EFT brings about surprising—and lasting—relief. Hence, we closely work on uncovering troubling memories and uncomfortable thoughts.

Common meridian points used in EFT are:

  • Karate chop point on the hand
  • Eyebrow
  • Temple
  • Under the nose
  • Chin
  • Collarbone
  • Under the arm

Soon with EFT tapping, a change in energy is experienced and you start recovering from the troubles you faced initially.

Furthermore, EFT Tapping involves two primary aspects — talk and touch.

Emotional Freedom Techniques -Talk Therapy


EFT's primary element is communication. Tapping, like many other therapies and healing modalities, is a form of communication. 

The value of talking in therapy can be gauged by the fact that a branch of psychotherapy called Talk Therapy was developed on it. 

Talking is an essential part of psychotherapy, which is why we also call it Talk Therapy. It's a mode of communication between the therapist and the distressed individual. Talking about emotions and feelings can actually help shift perspectives and even make you feel differently.

Techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) also involve this aspect of talk in their practice. (7)

Emotional Freedom Technique - Touch Therapy


One of the five love languages, touch is a necessary aspect of EFT Tapping.

Touch can be an extremely important factor in healing as it communicates care, affection, and presence—all of which a troubled person needs.

Research shows that babies who are touched and held soothingly are less likely to face psychological challenges later in life, than the babies who did not receive enough or any safe touch.

EFT Tapping, as the name suggests, involves tapping on specific points on the body known as Tapping points. 


It’s time we look at the EFT tapping directions and Inner Child Matrix for Menorrhagia that will help you accept yourself and overcome emotions linked closely with Menorrhagia.

Whether you are a patient yourself, or healing a client, you can use the following steps:

Step 1:

First, use EFT tapping on what it feels like to have Menorrhagia 

Explore the physical sensations in the body associated with Menorrhagia and use the physical tension tapping process to reduce these sensations.

Later, use the EFT tapping points process taught in detail during EFT practitioner training online.


To get started, begin by investigating the physical nature of Menorrhagia. 

Connect with the symptoms and notice where you feel sensations in the body.

Ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers if you want:

  • How does it feel to have Menorrhagia?
  • What makes me anxious about Menorrhagia?
  • What negative beliefs does Menorrhagia trigger in me?
  • If I were to no longer get anxious or worried about Menorrhagia, what changes would I witness in routine activities?

Now, bring into your awareness, a time when you felt affected by menorrhagia mentally. Briefly, you can also ask yourself the following questions to explore further:

  • What triggered me the most?
  • Where in the body did I experience the symptoms triggering?
  • What is the colour, texture, size, and shape of the symptoms in the body?
  • What are the sensations like? For example, rough or smooth?


Measure the level of pain:

Now, measure the level of pain caused by Menorrhagia by asking: 

"What number is the pain at, where 10 is really high and 1 is not high at all." Just go with whatever comes up spontaneously, without overthinking about it.


Begin by tapping on the Karate chop or side of the hand EFT tapping points:

“Even though I feel anxious about [name the symptoms you are experiencing, eg. heavy bleeding, cramps etc.] and I can feel it in my [name the part of the body where you are experiencing it] and it's at a number [mention the number at which symptom is at, say 6] and it makes me feel really dizzy, and I cannot get out of bed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


Tap on how you feel emotionally, knowing the bleeding is not stopping. For example,

“Even though I feel worried when menorrhagia happens, as I go back to being in bed continuously and feel dizzy when I get up, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


Tap on how you feel emotionally, knowing the medicines are not working. For example,

“Even though I am taking really strong homeopathy medication and the medications that used to help me seemingly do not have an effect, as usual, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Repeat this 3 times.


Start tapping on the upper body, facial and finger EFT Tapping points for menorrhagia using these phrases:

  • Eyebrow: This (name of the symptom)...
  • side Of the Eye: So painful...
  • Under the eye: Pain in my (part of the body)...
  • Under the nose: It's a red colour...
  • Chin: At a number 6...
  • Collarbone: So rough...
  • Under the arm: This (name of the symptom)...
  • Thumb: I feel it in m(part of the body)...
  • Index Finger: So painful...
  • Middle Finger: Really painful...
  • Little Finger: The colour (name the colour, say red)...


Close the sequence by coming back to the EFT Karate chop tapping points and repeat once:

“Even though I feel anxious about [name the symptoms you are experiencing, eg. heavy bleeding, cramps etc] and I can feel it in my [name the part of the body where you are experiencing it] and it's at a number [mention the number at which symptom is at, say 6] and it makes me feel really dizzy, and I cannot get out of bed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


“Even though I feel worried when Menorrhagia happens, as I go back to being in bed continuously and feel dizzy when I get up, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”


"Even though I am taking really strong homeopathy medication and the medications that used to help me seemingly do not have an effect, as usual, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.



Take a gentle breath in, breathe out, and go take a sip of water.



At the end of the EFT Tapping directions, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Now, what number are the symptoms at?
  • What happens when I think about Menorrhagia?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • How does it feel to have Menorrhagia?

If it has reduced to a level you feel happy with, you can stop. Or you can repeat this process by going back to Step 1 if you feel like the number could come down a little more.

Step 2:

Discover past experiences when you felt pain caused by Menorrhagia and clear them.

Explore memories related to the physical tension.

To reveal the memories linked to feeling it, you can ask questions like:

  • When have I felt these symptoms caused by Menorrhagia before?
  • What do these symptoms remind me of?
  • When did the symptoms start? What happened?
  • Was there ever a time when I did not experience these symptoms?
  • What can trigger and bring on the symptoms?

Identify past events linked to the feeling of these symptoms and resolve them with the help of tapping therapy. 

  • You can ask the following questions:
  • When have I felt the symptoms before?
  • What happens to trigger the symptoms?
  • Who or what triggers the feeling of symptoms?

These questions will identify your past experiences associated with the pain.

For example, you started experiencing symptoms of menorrhagia in July 2019 when your menstrual cycle lasted for 40 days. You can say something like this:

“Even though it started in July 2019 and it lasted for 40 days and (explain symptom), my Hb went down to 8, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Step 3:

Explore any other limiting beliefs that prevented you from being free from pain caused by Menorrhagia.

Limiting beliefs are conscious or unconscious thoughts that prevent us from growing and being happy.

Try to think of the limiting beliefs you have. Then consciously change them from negative to positive.

Explore deeply the themes that make it worse. For example, you can ask yourself:

  • What makes me feel angrier?
  • What makes me feel more stressed?
  • What makes me more bothered about others?
  • What makes me feel it’s going to be ok?

If it feels like the body is bleeding from within and crying out tears through the womb of all the past and current hurt, let yourself cry it all out.

For example, "Even though I am not able to (say the thing you are unable to express or tell), and it gets worse when I am angry and frustrated, I deeply and completely accept and love myself."

Follow the tapping sequence after this.

Step 4:

Close each session with positive tapping.

Examples of positive tapping sequences are:

  • “Even though I have Menorrhagia, now, I am open to feeling healthy and disease-free.”
  • “Even though I am bleeding too much, I am open to the bleeding stopping now.”
  • “Even though I was living with this disease for many years/months, now, I open myself to the possibility of being free from diseases.
  • “Even though it’s really hard and I worried about it, I can relax now.”
  • “Even though when I get angry and frustrated, making it worse, when I know it’s going to be ok, it gets better somehow and I know it’s going to be ok.”
  • “Even though all I ever wanted was their approval, I love and accept myself and I have decided to love and accept me regardless of how they see me.”
EFT Healing for Menorrhagia

I was asked this question last week, "Will I be falsely convincing myself when tapping on statements?" It's a question I've heard many times before.

EFT tapping and repeating a few sentences does not mean that you are trying to convince yourself. Neither does it bound you to believe in false affirmations.

It simply means that first, you're allowing yourself to confront feelings of pain and pessimism, and secondly, dealing with them by accepting and validating them.

In other words, EFT allows your body’s energy to tune itself into a more positive flow. Who wouldn’t wish for a positive flow to last for a really long time?

A combination of both tapping directions and Inner Child Matrix helped my client with Menorrhagia build the strength needed to deal with the distress caused by prolonged bleeding.

Hence, EFT tapping is indeed an amazing tool to help you deal with pain and worry associated with Menorrhagia.

Would you like to learn how to use the EFT technique to help yourself or your loved ones?

When medications fail to help you with diseases such as Menorrhagia, EFT empowers you in dealing with the pain associated with it effectively and keeps your physical, mental, as well as emotional health in check.

Do not let a disease overpower you. You could either fight back or let it win. What are you going to choose?


Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

P.S. Want to discover if EFT is right for you? Book a Complimentary Discovery Call.

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

In summary, Menorrhagia is a common disorder that causes a great deal of pain and stress to the one suffering. While there are various treatments available, the best one to bring astonishing results is EFT Tapping where you tap away all the deep-seated emotions, worries. and thoughts. With faith, you use well-tailored statements on individual symptoms. Are you ready to try out this brilliant therapy?

Disclaimer: The information on this website is purely for educational purposes and does not in any way replace the requirement for medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment. Please seek professional medical and psychological diagnosis and advice for all medical and mental health conditions. It is advised to always book any consultations with qualified professionals.

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