7 Reasons why to choose to become a Breakthrough Coach!

Coaching is a multi-million dollar industry!

It can be applied to any sphere of life for example- Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Health Coaching and many more.

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest professional coaching organization in the U.S., the number of worldwide coaches has grown from 47,500 in 2012 to 53,300 in 2016 with the addition of approximately 1,500 coaches per year for the last four years(1).

Once you have made up your mind about your specialization, it is really easy to find a course that suits your needs.

While there are hundreds of courses available certifying you both online and in person, It is difficult to find that one course that covers everything.

Here are 7 reasons why Breakthrough Coaching with NLP is ‘THE’ course to enrol in:

1. Innovative tools and techniques to transform your life in any area : Breakthrough Coaching with NLP is goal oriented and designed in a manner to be most effective to work in any area of your life, be it your personal goals, professional goals, health or even relationship goals. You decide which area of your life you want to work on, while achieving total transformation!

2. It helps you transform the lives of others: Sure it’s just a matter of you deciding when and how, and you can completely transform your life. When it comes to transforming the lives of other’s there are many things to consider. For example- What change are they looking for? What traumas have they been through? and many many more such issues. Breakthrough Coaching gives you the tools to cut through all these and help your client transform for their highest good.

3. Internationally certifies you as a Coach: The Certificates you get after the course are valid internationally. Note- You may have to purchase a license to practice as per state laws in different countries.

4. Time saver: To become a coach, it is important to get appropriate certifications and it may take a lot of time and effort to get certified in different modules. Breakthrough Coaching with NLP offers you the convenience of getting 5 certifications in just 7 days, thereby saving you months of time you spend training to become a Coach.

  1. Breakthrough Coach
  2. NLP Diploma
  3. NLP Practitioner
  4. Hypnosis Practitioner
  5. Timeline Regression

5. Cost Effective: This is perhaps the most important reason for you to enroll in Breakthrough Coaching with NLP. Along with being time efficient this course is also cost effective and allows you to save more than Rs 2 Lakhs that you would spend on completing the different courses available.

6. Customizable to any field of work you choose: The best part about this course is that it covers a wide variety of career choices. The tools you have learned her can be customized to use in any field you would like to specialize in, whether it is personal coaching, business coaching, wealth coaching or even a spiritual coach.

7. Start Coaching from the next day after you complete the course: Now you don’t have to wait for months to start taking on clients. You can not only demand high fee-paying clients, you can also start taking them on from the very next day after you complete the course. How awesome is that!

Don’t wait to transform your life.

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  1. The Success and Failure of the coaching industry- Forbes Community Voice, October 2017.

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