The power to heal is in your hand!

“The truth is that within each of us lies the power to cast all misery aside and to know complete Peace and Oneness, to be that beautiful creation of perfect harmony, to truly know and help Myself.” – Mary Burmeister

Our body is filled with energies that we don’t know exist. These energies often get locked up physically, mentally, emotionally dis-harmonising the complete path of the energy flow.  We are gifted with the natural ability to unlock and restore this flow of energy which in turn helps in balancing our body and soul. This innate healing force acts as a weapon against diseases. The only tool required for that is our hands.health

Based on the Japanese energy medicine, the technique known as Jin Shin Jyutsu involves holding the fingers on the hand. Just like babies who suck their thumb, this method works by balancing stress and negative emotions.You have to know yourself to nurture yourself.  And, this technique makes you know your true authentic self as you feel your pulse and energies on your hands.

Hold the thumb finger on either of your hands, and focus on the energy of the pulse on the thumb. The thumb finger holds the energy of worry. Keep breathing in and out, and next, move to the index finger, which holds the energy of fear. Harmonise any fear that you may have and then move to the middle finger, which holds the energy of anger. No wonder that this is the “F— off!” finger! Go on to the ring finger, which represents sadness. Every now and then while holding the fingers, emotions do arise and it is just like rinsing the dishes- simply let them come through and allow them to be cleansed. Finally, move on to the pinky  or your little finger, which represents control.  For people who have control issues, they just need to breathe and get to the present moment. This will allow you to feel cleansed inside and out, while resting and breathing.jin shin jyutsu holds thumb

The final step in this is to place all fingers on the palm in the Namaste pose- this empties out feelings of despondency, rejection, or disappointment. Breathe in and out for 9 counts and eventually you will open into an ocean of bliss. Greet yourself, soul to soul!

You will now feel that your energy blocks have been cleared. Energy will be flowing freely along your meridians. You will now experience the stimulated healing process. You will have an unrestricted access to your body and soul.

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Disclaimer: If you have a medical condition, please visit your doctor and get a good medical diagnosis. The words on this blog do not replace the requirement for advice from a medical professional.

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