How to re-kindle your relationships – Happy Valentine’s Day

How to re-kindle your relationships – Happy Valentine’s Day

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand

romance-1934204_1920Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year, all around the world in honour of the relationships we make, or the love we have for each other.

Relationships are necessary, whether they’re with your family members, colleagues, even that significant other in your lives or yourselves too!

The most important one though is probably the one you have with your significant other, lover, wife/husband or partner.

The reason could be that we spend maximum time in building that relationship from scratch. There are no pre set relationship bonds and we probably even have to work harder at keeping those alive.


There are times though that either monotony creeps in, taking the fire out of the relationship, making it feel almost like a brother-sister relationship or just two people living together as room mates.

Or there are arguments and disagreements and if things really get serious, an eventual breakdown of what could have been a beautiful relationship.


What if you could re-ignite the fire of love in the relationship? I recall an amazing technique I learnt during Breakthrough Coaching with NLP, where Donita learnt how to re-kindle the initial attraction with her partner and ignite all those wonderful feelings which has allowed her to put the love back into their marriage.

Here are the steps that to re-kindle any relationship:

1. Recall the very first time you fell in love with your partner. Bring up that image in your mind’s eye.

2. Now that you have brought the image up, take a moment to recall what was the very first thing that caused you to fall in love with them? Was it either something you saw, the way they looked at you, something they said or something you felt?

3. What happened back then that you decided that this was the person you wanted to be with, or love or maybe even spend the rest of your life with?

4. With all of those beautiful precious moments in mind, remember that this was the one person you chose out of a hundred or even a million to be with you, and that in itself talks a lot about the love you have for each other.


There was another beautiful story from Breakthrough Coaching with NLP about Business Owner Uday Singh who during the program was able to connect with his higher self and re-kindle his marriage.

“The training gave me a crystal clear revelation about my wife’s mindset and I realised that I needed to connect with her to truly understand her. When I did this, her anger outbursts vanished; we fell in love with each other again!” (His full story and how he transformed his career)


We often don’t remember that everything we attract in our lives is a projection of ourselves.

Hence if you expect love from another, how much do you really love yourself?

Self care, love and unconditional acceptance of oneself attracts love and acceptance from another in our lives.


Our relationship life can be the most exhilarating or stressful, where monotony and disagreements can creep in.

To re-kindle any relationship bring back into you mind’s eye what caused you to fall in love in the first place and use it as spring-board to revive the marriage or relationship.

Learning Breakthrough Coaching with NLP transformed my relationship and so many of my client’s, including Donita, wished they had learnt these skills before marrIage and that every couple, no matter the stage of the relationship, could learn them.

In closing, it’s never too late to put the love back into your relationship and leaning these skills will also enable you to become a coach, like me, and help couples enjoy healthy and harmonious relationships.

During training you will learn how to work with those who are seeking a partner, or may be going through divorce or have got stuck in a rut where the coaching skills can pull out any marriage out from the jaws of death to a newness and fresh start.

In advance from all of us to all of you, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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