Congratulations NLP Practitioner

For NLP Practitioners, Breakthrough coaches, Hypnotherapists and Timeline Technology Practitioners

Congratulations on completing your NLP Practitioner training and being awarded Breakthrough Coaching, NLP Practitioner, NLP Diploma, Hypnosis Practitioner & Timeline Technology Practitioner.

Please conduct a minimum of 3 Breakthrough coaching sessions a year to stay certified. In order to keep up the momentum it is advisable to join a local momentum group and revise the NLP and Coaching skills by attending training as a volunteer.

You are welcome to become a member of the Facebook support group. The video with all the pictures from our time together has also been placed on the Facebook support group. You will also be invited to join a What’s App NLP momentum group.

Please find a copy of the

DETAILED PERSONAL HISTORY and TIMELINE TECHNOLOGY script and SUBMODALITY CHECK LIST (Like to Dislike) as well as the summary of the Breakthrough coaching 7 steps  and the Face to Face Appointment letter

Please find the laminates below for each of the exercises:

The videos played during training are as follows:

The playlist from the 7 day seminar was as follows: