The 7 Secrets to living life full out

"There is strange comfort in knowing that no matter what happens today, the Sun will rise again tomorrow. The struggles we endure today will be the ‘good old days’ we laugh about tomorrow." Aaron Lauritsen

Limitless living is about living life full out. Waking up every day and giving it your best shot.

It does not mean you cannot be happy. These days will also happen and living full out is about being real and authentic.

Acknowledging the good days and bad days, but not allowing the external circumstances and internal thoughts to shake the spirit. 

So what are the 7 secrets to limitless living:

1. Never stop learning - Growth is a one of the 6 human needs and an essential component of life. 

The zeal to grow can take on many shapes and sizes, for example:

  • Reading books that shift our thinking and perceptions of reality. Some of my favourite books that have helped shaped me are below.  Each of these books came into my life at a critical time and catalysed a transformation from healing from cancer to recovering from a road accident to getting me on the path of healthy living, overcoming grief, making peace with my ugly parts and instilling self belief and possibilities versus negative thinking and doubt.
  • Watching inspirational movies. Some of my favourites are Wonder, Whale Rider, Tapping Solution & Peaceful Warrior. 
  • Attending Seminars & Training. I loved learning The Journey Healing Method, Emotional Freedom Techniques & Neuro-lingusitic Programming. The seminars that have enabled the biggest breakthroughs are Date with Destiny with Tony Robbins and the No Ego Retreat with Brandon Bays. Tony was my inspiration to create my signature seminar Breakthrough Coaching with NLP. 

2. Goodbye to negative thinking - Holding onto negative thinking can be toxic. Science has shown negative thoughts stimulate destructive chemicals in the body and positive thinking releases chemicals that boost the immune system and protect the heart from cardiac instabilities. 

3. Letting go of past negativity  - Negativity can take on so many different forms. It is stressful and manifest in physical ailments. Some examples of past negative experiences are:

  • An argument with a loved one
  • Loosing a family member
  • Being in an accident
  • Unexpected job loss
  • Politics at work
  • Feeling rejected
  • Being falsely accused
  • Inability to sleep

Bring into your awareness any past examples of negative situations (past events or memories that have made you feel uncomfortable).

Below is a video to let go of the past, move on and live life full out.

4. Doing what you love - If it's dancing naked in front of the mirror or swimming in the sea or having your friends and family round for lunch on Sunday.

Do what makes you happy.  And most importantly make yourself happy.  

5. Never stop dreaming  - Dreams give us hope. They propel us forward. Keep us motivated, to wake up and live another day. 

6. An attitude of gratitude - Feeling grateful is infectious. It makes you feel so good and amplifies even more abundance. Below is a gratitude meditation to accelerate limitless living. 

7. Instil Happiness & Joy  - Sometimes you have to fake it to make it. Or even keep bringing up past experiences of happiness and joy. Remembering past positive references creates the same benefit as if the situation were actually happen.

I am reminded of Dr David Hamilton's work of how an imagined hug can have the same biochemical health benefits of stimulating the cardio protective oxytocin as a physical hug. 

Below is a tapping video on instilling joy and happiness. 

In summary, I learnt about living a limitless life from Wayne Dyer. His book the power of intention made an incredible impression on me. I listened to the audio book while recovering from a road accident. 

His voice soothed my soul. What struck me the most, was how he was able to balance authenticity with honesty and high thinking with practical "groundedness". I feel this is what sums up the essence of living full out. 



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