What Is An Emotional Blowout & How Does It Help To Shift Troubling Emotions

In this article you will learn what is an Emotional Blowout and how it can help your client to feel calmer in the face of uncomfortable emotions like anger, fear, sadness, betrayal, loss and hurt.

Have you had a client who was crying uncontrollably or they were so angry it felt like they were going to blow. 

The Emotional Blowout is a technique based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that can shift an emotion from uncomfortable to not there in minutes. 

The technique is based on how we represent our emotions internally. Internally means in our internal psyche.

We all store emotions internally, either as images, sounds, feeling or sensations or combinations there off. 

Which means when you know  how you store your emotions internally you can also change how we store them and they no longer need to feel troubling. 

The Emotional Blow Out Process

1. Once your client shares the emotion that they are feeling begin by acknowledging it and then asking them to give it an image, "Thank you for sharing. When you feel this image just get a sense or knowing of what image comes to mind associated with this emotion?" 

Examples of responses include, black box, a red fog, a pink sheet, a wolf and an image of a past memory and so on. 

Some people cannot see an image so you can ask them these questions:

  • "That is completely OK, where in the body do you feel this emotion and describe if there are any sensations?"
  • "Are there any sound associated with this emotion?"

The reason that they cannot see an image is because they might be storing it either as a feeling or sensation or a sound or a mix of sound and feeling.

2. Irrespective of whether they have an image, sound or feeling you can proceed with the next step. Ask them to, "Make the image bigger, even bigger, even bigger, that's right, even bigger, make it bigger, make it bigger, that's right, even bigger (and move you arms in opposite directions implying that the image is being made bigger)" Then ask, "Make yourself small, small, small, small." Finally ask, "How small are you?"

3. When they are as small as a dot, then ask, "Make the image even bigger, as big as the earth, the stars and the galaxies. So big, so big, so big, so big, so big, so big, so big. It's so big, that it's like a ballon has just about to pop. That's it even bigger."

4. Then while snapping your fingers gently in their ear (or if on-line imagine your fingers are at their ear) and say, "Aaaaaaaannnnnnddddddd, pop."

5. Then ask the client, "How do you feel?" They will be surprised to report that the emotion has simply gone. If there is any residual emotion left, you can repeat the process.  

“But feelings can't be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.” Anne Frank

You can use the Emotional Blowout process to remove the charge from any emotion or eliminate physical discomfort.

With physical discomfort the process is similar to the steps for emotions. The only difference is the client focuses on their pain and brings to their awareness an image, sound or feeling/sensation associated with the  physical discomfort. 

In Summary, the Emotional Blowout process can remove the charge from any emotion or physical discomfort. It works in seconds and gives relief in under a minute.

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