Why is Everybody Talking About EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping

"Put away your skepticism and give tapping a try." Wayne Dyer

What would it be like if you had a tool that you could use anytime to easily let go of stress, anger, fears, pain and practically any emotion that could be harmful to overall health an vitality of a person?

Now there is no need to be stuck in that never ending pain and dark well of negative emotions.

Health and happiness is possible!

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping Therapy is becoming more and more popular, quite simply because it is an excellent self-help tool. 

EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a potent mix of tapping on acupressure meridians while saying statements out loud that release stress and tension.

It is designed to provide you with fast results, whether its solving a problem or realising a goal. 

Practicing EFT for yourself is an easy and efficient method to swiftly work on a situation.

What you would do is tap on specific parts of the body where there are healing energy hot spots that connect to energy channels within the body known as meridians.

 EFT combines the use of  psychological acupressure by tapping on specific points and saying statements, thus focusing on the same energy meridians that traditional acupuncture has used to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years. 

EFT has been clinically proven to improve signals of physical and mental distress like stress, fear, physical pain, anxiety, depression and maybe even PTSD.

It has been found to be effective in treating patients with PTSD. It is easy, effective, and produces amazing results.

It has been validated by over 20 years of empirical research, and will still work even if a person does not believe in it.

“We are not victims, we are the creators. If we put stress in our lives, we manifest disease. If we remove stress from our lives, we can remove disease.”

Dr Bruce Lipton

So How Does EFT Work?

The fingertips have been known to have many energy meridians.

Since EFT involves tapping with the fingertips, on acupressure points as mentioned above, it helps to balance the energy flow within the body and also releases stuck up emotions.

Tapping is simple and painless, involving only the fingertips, not needing the use of complicated tools like needles or other equipment.  

Tapping makes life better. It is simple and painless. Unlike acupuncture, it is a very forgiving & gentle process. 

EFT tapping can be used  for anxiety, weight loss problems, pain, stress, cravings and a number of other issues.

It also involves, saying out loud tapping statements. The more emotion within the statement, the better the result (swear words included).

The statement then ends with "I love and accept myself".

For Example a tapping statement could be, "Even though I am in so much pain, I love and accept myself.

To know more about how you can include EFT within your daily self-work, just download the Free Booklet below.

What is  EFT Tapping And How It Heals?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

A life of vitality, health, peace and abundance is much desirable than a life filled with stress, pain and fears.

There is a choice now to leave the anger, pain, fear and addictions behind and move towards a more compelling and fulfilled life.

Considering that it has been clinically proven that 85% of illnesses stem from stress, it is only right that stress must be eliminated at any cost.

There is a simple effective and uncomplicated tool called EFT, that anyone can use anytime and anywhere. 

What's more qualifying as an EFT Practitioner also helps a person to advance their career and help others to live a balanced healthy life.



In Summary, EFT has become an indispensable tool that anyone can use immediately to eliminate emotions that are stuck up in the body, leading to wellness of mind and body. It is here to stay and becoming popular with time.

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