What are the common fears and phobias, eliminate them for good!

What are you most afraid of? Maybe your phobia is of needles, heights or even dentists (one of mine!). Perhaps just the thought of driving, being in a crowded elevator or flying makes your heart beat fast and palms sweat.

Fears and phobias are more common than you might realise. I was surprised to learn that according to the Institute of Mental Health (April 2015), the fear of public speaking is the number one fear in the world – beating the fear of death and spiders. People would rather die than speak in public! Other examples of common fears include the fears of darkness, thunder, or confined spaces.


You might be wondering, what is exactly defines a fear or phobia?

A fear is something we are scared of, and a phobia is an illogical fear. I recall my university friend Becky, who had a fear of sharks. If she ever came across a picture of a shark in a magazine, she used to scream out loud and immediately throw the magazine out of her hands, as if the shark was right in front of her. This is what makes the phobia illogical. The shark is not in front of her and yet her experience is as if, the shark is in front of her. She is not even in the sea, and yet she feels as though the shark is right next to her.


The good news is just because you have a fear or phobia does not mean you have to live with it, as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is clinically proven to eliminate fears and phobias.

Consultant Psychologist overcomes fear of escalators. 

2016-07-06-PHOTO-00000010Take the case of Consultant Psychologist and mom, Nalini Gangadurai who had a fear of escalators. “Even just the thought of using the escalator made me fearful, and if someone were to take me with them on the escalator, I wouldn’t go on it,” she says. “Neither would I let my kids step on it, even though they could easily use it without any fear. I felt guilty for not allowing them to go on an escalator. After the session of fears and phobias I went to the mall with another participant and we tried out the EFT process in the mall on my fear of escalators. To my surprise, I overcame the fear in just one short session. I now have no fear of using the escalators and allow my children to use them too. I even use escalators alone, all thanks to EFT!”

Studies show that the ‘Fear of Speaking in Public’ is rated highest among people. Here are some stories to show how EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) eliminated this fear. 

COO and Founder of Crazy Munch, Ashish Payasi, overcame his fear of Public speaking with EFT. His fear was a result of negative feedback he received, previously while speaking publicly. “Before the EFT session, I felt that I may fall short of words while speaking in front of a crowd. The EFT session was really amazing and made me realise that the fear was unnecessary and as a result of my limiting beliefs. At the end of the session I was asked to come on stage and speak for 3 minutes. I was amazed how I spoke fluently and with increased confidence. The fear of being judged was completely gone”.  EFT not only cleared his fear and limiting beliefs, but also gave him the confidence to speak in public.


He ended up speaking for 20 minutes and that is me (below) standing like a proud parent, filled with so much joy and happiness, looking at him from the back of the room.


Uma Anguraj, a software engineer, was able to overcome her fear of public speaking during the EFT Training in Bangalore. At the end of the fears & phobias session of the seminar, she stood up in front of the room and gave a spoke to the class from her heart about her experiences.

Uma public speaking

What I love about this next case study from corporate trainer, Neeraj Kumar is that how on completing EFT Training, he applied the process with executives working in the corporate arena. Communication is the cornerstone to success in business and the fear of public speaking can hold employees back from success, career progression and financial rewards. Mastering the art of communication and presenting with power and impact can transform anyone’s career. As Neeraj shares, the power of EFT is in its ability to deliver quick results, “I have done several interventions in the area of public speaking for many corporates, and I find that the results are extremely rapid,” he says. “ Although they claim that after tapping, the butterflies in their stomach is only slightly reduced, it is when they are actually called on stage that they realize there is no fear at all and no butterflies whatsoever.” Neeraj uses EFT extensively with public speaking workshops to enable manager and executives enhance their profile in the work-place.



So what is holding you back from living your life? Fears and phobias are common amongst people, but they shouldn’t prevent you from experiencing a full life. While it can seem scary to tackle a phobia, it can be a very liberating experience once it no longer controls your life. With EFT, you can finally face and release your fear, once and for all.

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

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