What are the best ways to add English Subtitles to Your Videos for Free?

What are the best ways to add English Subtitles to Your Videos for Free?

Free English Subtitles Generator 

Is there a way to add free English subtitles to your videos? In this blog, you are going to know the possible ways to add subtitles for free to your videos.

In the era of better visual experience, adding subtitles to your videos is another golden key to unlocking better relationships with your viewers.

Facebook, Instagram as well as YouTube have made the task a lot easier with the auto-generate feature. All you have to do is upload the video, click edit, open video options and finally click on generate captions.

While they will auto-generate your subtitles, the captions will not be as accurate as the subtitles that are generated by an editing software.

I understand that you might not want to invest heavily in software at this stage. Therefore, I have curated an exhaustive list that will guide you to effectively add subtitles to your videos, that too for free! 

English subtitles for free for better visual experience


The subtitle, also known as the caption, is the written text derived from the audio part of the video. It can be generated for a screenplay, movie, television show, YouTube videos, Instagram reels or Facebook videos.

Don’t confuse this caption with the caption that you write on Instagram. That’s entirely different!

The caption we are touching upon is linked with subtitles. Displayed at the bottom of the screen, it is popularly also referred to as 'closed captions' or 'CC' on YouTube. They contribute intensively not only to improving ranking on search engines but also provide a proper understanding of the content.

English subtitles for free for better visual experience of online viewers

You must be having your viewers from all over the world. Everyone knows how different nations have varied ways of speaking and pronouncing words. To avoid any confusion and broaden your accessibility, adding a text description at the bottom of the screen is crucial.


English subtitles for free for better visual experience

Viewers on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have always expressed a preference for video content. Since the time reels have been introduced on Instagram, it has in fact slightly reduced the time taken to make your content reach your target audiences.

In fact, the majority of most-viewed videos have subtitles. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that subtitles have a significant influence on the viewers' experience.

Below mentioned are the ways you can use to add subtitles to your videos. I've gone a step further and added benefits and consequences in all mentioned options:


Auto-generated captions 

You can post your video on Facebook or Instagram and let the app generate automated subtitles.

Benefit (English subtitles)


It's free to use!

 Consequence (English subtitles)


Your words are often mistranslated. You cannot download the video for future reference.


Free apps (leave watermark)

Some apps allow you to add subtitles to your videos for free but will leave a watermark. Autocap is one such app which loads on your phone. It transcribes your video for free. It even allows you to edit subtitles and make corrections but the free version always adds a watermark.

Benefit (English subtitles)


It has a free version available. Quick and easy to use.

 Consequence (English subtitles)


Free version is very low on features. Allows no filtering and cropping.


Paid apps

Many paid apps charge a few bucks but get the work done effectively. They are as follows:



It's paid version cost INR 1000 or £10 per month. This allows you to correct any mistakes, trim your videos and even add a filter to them. I have been surveying many different apps for years and investigated this 2 years ago. This seems to have improved for the better.

Benefit (English subtitles)


Professional editing features and easy to use. Cost-effective.

 Consequence (English subtitles)


Watermark on the free version and you will be charged to remove it.

For your ease, I have figured out a way. Using this link, you can use Veed.io for free and the watermark will not trouble you.



This app creates awesome videos for your social media accounts in minutes. It allows you to edit the subtitles. You can also resize your videos as per suggested video dimensions by social media platforms.

With the free version, you can make only two 20-minute videos per month. There also exists a cap on the number of videos you can make every month depending on the plan you pick. Recently they have up-levelled all their features, hence it is suggested to go through their website.

Benefit (English subtitles)


Professional resizing, captions, brand colours and a free version with 2 videos.

 Consequence (English subtitles)


No free watermark version. No cropping or filtering feature.


Teleprompter apps

Teleprompter apps that were originally introduced to replace cue cards used in live acting, now also come with subtitle features.

Today, BIGVU is the most popular teleprompter app. It complements video editing and comes with an extremely accurate subtitle generator. However, its free version leaves a watermark.

Benefit (English subtitles)


Accurate subtitle feature, has a crop function.

 Consequence (English subtitles)


Persistent glitches. Free version is not as good as the paid one.


Creating an SRT file

Another way to generate subtitles for your video is to create an SRT file which you can input into your video at the time of uploading.

Rev is one such app that understands the human voice and transcribes speech to text. You can use its automated function which is comparatively cheaper. The human version costs $1.25 per minute.

Benefit (English subtitles)


Pay for what you use

 Consequence (English subtitles)


Has only subtitles feature. 

Similarly, Scribie is yet another app you can use to transcribe audio and create an SRT file.


Using YouTube

YouTube functions like Rev and Scribie. It auto-generates subtitles for your video and allows you to download the same in the form of an SRT file. Now, whenever uploading that video, you can add this file.

YouTube_English subtitles for free for better visual experience


Get a video editor

You need not go through all this hassle if you hire a video editor who will add subtitles to your videos for you. In the beginning, I suggest you to connect with a freelancer because they are qualified in the services they offer and charge on a per-project basis. Below mentioned are the website that you must check out:

  • Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can easily get freelance video editors.
  • Internshala allows you to hire an intern.
  • Hire a Virtual Assistant. You can use Fiverr or Upwork for the same.


In conclusion, the cheapest option is to let Facebook and Instagram auto-generate captions for you. Even if LinkedIn allowed you to auto-generate captions (which currently it doesn’t), the only remaining issue will be that the current interface will not allow you to download your videos.

Editing softwares to add English subtitles for free for better visual experience of online viewers

Veed has good editing capabilities. If you are considering video as the main form of marketing, try a free version of Rey and eventually take a call on the paid version.

If you are already using InShot for filtering and cropping, you must try out Zubtitle in order to transcribe your audios to text.

Finally, explore BIGVU only if you need a teleprompter as well as a video editing app.

I hope this guide will come in handy. Continue to learn and explore!


Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

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In summary, there are many applications and websites that allow you to transcribe your audio to text. Free versions often come with a watermark. If your pocket allows, either buy paid version or hire a video editor who will do it for you! 

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