After 37 years, I overcame the fear of gas cylinders at EFT

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” – Marie Curie

Are you one of those people who is often filled with fear for certain things? Do you look towards the future and fear of what will ensue because of those things? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. There are a lot like you. The real problem doesn’t lie in getting scared. About 99% of the fear people experience today are non-physical fear – fear that only exists in our head. We think we’re in danger but we really aren’t.

Donita Packard, a healer and life coach, shares her experience of how the fear of gas cylinders had sabotaged her life and how she managed to get over it – “I had a fear of gas cylinders. I wasn’t very sure where the fear had come from as I had never experienced or heard of someone who had experienced a gas cylinder accident. My fear was always that the cylinder would blow up and I’d be harmed. It was so serious that if I saw cylinders in tempos or trucks I’d freeze. I could not even sit in a car while gas or cng was being filled. The hissing sound of gas would get me into cold sweats. Even at home, I never used to receive the delivery of the cylinder or changed it myself. My son or husband had to do it and the place where the cylinder was kept had to be always covered with a black curtain.”

The fear continued for a long time  untill she decided to take a step to eliminate her fear. And, that step was attending EFT training. Donita says, “I decided to attend EFT with Dr Rangana. I never imagined that this fear was related to an incident when I was just 1 year old. What happened was that I was fast asleep in my bed and the cylinder delivery guy came and dropped the cylinder that made a loud banging noise waking me up from my sleep. Then after 37 years, 12 minutes of the EFT fears and phobias process changed all of that. I ended up hugging the cylinder. After the seminar on reaching home, despite my son  stopping me, I changed the gas cylinder for the first time in 37 years. I have never feared gas cylinders ever since. Getting free from this fear has also opened up other areas of my life.”

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