I helped my son overcome his learning difficulties using EFT

I helped my son overcome his learning difficulties using EFT

How do you get complaints from your children’s teachers regarding their behaviour and studies? Our usual reaction to such a scenario is yelling at them and asking them to correct themselves. Little do we know, there is always a reason for every person’s behaviour, be it a kid or an adult. The kid might have experienced some incident that left a negative impact on their minds, making them behave in a certain way. Sometimes the impact is just momentary and sometimes it can last a lifetime, ruining the kid’s life. We need to understand the reason and help our kids get over that situation.

One day, working mom Daisy Anand noticed that her son’s grades had dropped. Even the teacher had called her in to explain that her son’s behaviour had become aggressive and was experiencing learning difficulties. She had learnt EFT to become professionally qualified, so she decided to use the technique on her son. Instead of simply forcing EFT onto her son, she started practising it on herself and touching his mom explained the process to her son. Watching his mom feel calm and relaxed got him curious and he allowed his mom to practise EFT on him as well. Through EFT they uncovered an incident where the teacher had inappropriately insulted her son and they used EFT to vent out all the pent up anger and frustration. Daisy shares, “After EFT my son was able to concentrate more on his studies and we no longer remember that teacher who insulted him. I even saw him use EFT on his own before a cricket match. Using EFT has made us be ourselves with each other and has brought us closer, strengthening our bond four folds.”


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