I did not know what was missing until Breakthrough Coaching and NLP showed me the mind can make dreams come true.

I did not know what was missing until Breakthrough Coaching and NLP showed me the mind can make dreams come true.

Human mind.. it’s such a mysterious place with so many hidden treasures in it. Understanding the complexity of the human mind has plagued even the scientific community since antiquity.

You wouldn’t know what you’re missing out on unless you try it. Reaching the depths of the human mind could be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. And, so was the case with working professional Ajit Nair who was initially apprehensive and did not know what was in store for him with Breakthrough Coaching. He says, ” I was apprehensive in the beginning, it was only after I attended the Breakthrough Coaching did I realise that I had kept myself from such a wonderful experience for so long. The program gives us insights of the human mind and the flow of energy that guide us about our actions in the present and future. These energies when channelled with the help of great guidance, I believe, it can change our lives for better.”


For Ajit, understanding the power of mind was an enlightening experience as he adds, “Had it not been for a trainer as friendly as Rangana, travelling the deepest cores of my mind would have been difficult for me. She has been a dependable friend and coach. The training material, the guidance and the whole program was so well-structured that everything just touched our souls. Even now I am reminiscing about the activities we did. Thank you for the memories.”




The Breakthrough Coaching with NLP attended by Ajit Nair is a 7 day intensive program where you harness the power of the mind to create the life, health, relationships , career and finances you want. Some applications of the program are:

  • Creating more fulfilling relationships
  • Achieving life and business goals
  • Influencing at work and home
  • Mobilising teams at work to be successful
  • Improving health, wellness and confidence
  • Eliminating fears, phobias and limitations
  • Leading and empowering yourself and othersIncreasing confidence to move towards the career you desire
  • Becoming professionally qualified as a coach and making a difference to others and earning a living

Find out more about how Breakthrough Coaching with NLP can help you transform from the inside out as well as become professionally qualified as a Breakthrough Coach as well as NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Practitioner. 

For best results: Attending the 7 day Breakthrough Coaching with NLP training with a qualified Master Trainer or to booking a session with a professionally qualified and internationally certified breakthrough coach and NLP Practitioner is recommended. Please e-mail us if you require either, help@vitalitylivingcollege.info.

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