Overcome Self Doubt To Succeed As An EFT Practitioner

EFT Tapping For Limiting beliefs

Confidently Grow Your Business As An EFT Practitioner

As a coach, healer or therapist do you feel self-doubt and negative feelings could be standing in your way of setting up or growing your business?

May be even hindering you from getting a steady stream of paying clients?

Self-doubt in form limiting beliefs can prevent you from taking any meaninful action. Examples of limiting belief in the way of growing a coaching business or therapy private practice might be:

  • It's too hard
  • I can't do it
  • What if I fail?

IT Consultant and Trainer, Wolfgang Matejek, also had his own doubts to set up his business. He was searching for a method to help himself gain freedom from his limitng beliefs, and that's when he found EFT Tapping.

He attended EFT Practitioner Training where he was able to lift his own lifts and rise above them to set up his own business. 

He then created a niche for himself to help other coaches, therapists and healers to overcome their blocks and rise above their limts to get more paying clients and grow their coaching businesses.  

EFT Tapping technique For Limiting Beliefs

Clients Overcome Limiting Beliefs

“I’m helping coaches and therapists to set up their own businesses and using EFT, I help them overcome limiting beliefs. Build yourself the way you want, rather than hanging on to negative feelings.” 

Wolfgang Matejek

EFT Tapping technique Points Free Booklet

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): EFT Tapping for limiting Beliefs

Step 1:

Take a quick temperature check

Identify and explore what you are feeling right now, by asking the following questions:

  • What or who it is that makes you feel this way?
  • What triggers it?
  • What has to happen for you to feel better?

Step 2:

Identify the physical sensations

Identify physical sensations that are associated with how you are feeling. You can explore by asking questions such as:

  • How are you feeling?
  • Where in the body are you experiencing this feeling?
  • What is the colour, texture, size, and shape of it?

Measure the level of your feelings by asking: "On a scale of 1 to 10, what number is the(your identified emotions) on, where 10 is high and 1 is not high at all."

Step 3:

Make a note of any bodily sensations and ask yourself the following questions:

  • When have you felt these sensations before?
  • Was there ever a time when you didn't feel them?
  • What is the trigger for these sensations?

Step 4:

Use the EFT Tapping process to clear the emotions associated with that memory

Step 5:

Begin by tapping on the Karate Chop or side of the hand EFT Tapping points:

Even though I lack confidence in my business and it holds me back, I love and accept myself.

  • Eyebrow point: This lack of .....
  • Side of the eye: Holding me back
  • Under the eye: I don’t feel ......
  • Under the nose: This lack of ....
  • Chin point: Makes me feel stupid
  • Collarbone point: Why can’t I just be .....
  • Underarm point: I used to be more .....
  • Nine Gamut Hold

Breathe in and out and take a sip of water.

Step 6:

Close the process with love and acceptance, better yourselfhHere.

  • Identify positive tapping sequences to close the EFT Tapping Therapy for Limiting Beliefs
  • An example of positive tapping is "Even though I was limiting myself, that was then and this is now, I choose to be calm now."

Step 7:

Finger holds

Then hold the thumb to calm the body and mind and release any residual stress. You can also use the Jin Shin Jyutsu finger hold process to eliminate stress.

If you too would like to learn how to use the EFT technique to help yourself or your clients overcome limiting beliefs and build confidence, 

Book a free discovery call today. 

Remember, the only hurdles in your path are the ones you place yourself. 


Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) 

P.S. Want to discover if EFT Tapping is right for you? Book a Complimentary Discovery Call. 

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

In summary, EFT is a very powerful and effective tool to heal unresolved traumas, unexpressed emotions, and help overcome fears and phobias.  By using EFT Tapping , you can also reduce tension, promote a deeper mind-body connection, and manage symptoms of anxiety, depression or stress.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is purely for educational purposes and does not in any way replace the requirement for medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment. Please seek professional medical and psychological diagnosis and advice for all medical and mental health conditions. It is advised to always book any consultations with qualified professionals.

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