What is EFT?

"If you don't think your depression, anxiety, stress and sadness impact your health, think again." Kris Carr

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional healing tool that clears emotional stressors and blocks.

With multiple responsibilities and fields in which to excel, the average adult’s pace of life has become increasingly hectic. In times like these, it may be difficult to find time to care for one’s emotional wellbeing. This leads to an unfulfilling and stressful life, offering little excitement or sense of holistic wellness. Such a life is undesirable.

This is where emotional healing tools come in. EFT has been clinically approved, and is used worldwide by millions. It is employed to reduce depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, phobias, pain, cravings, negative emotions (for example, anger, sadness, grief, fear, hurt, and guilt), and negative memories. The tool works on the principle that clearing such negativity gives room to well-being and calmness to enter the mind.

The technique integrates the ancient science of acupressure with modern day psychology. It involves tapping on acupressure points and repeating specific phrases, which releases stress and emotional traumas.

This method works because negative emotions cause a disruption of the body’s energy system and tapping on the acupuncture points and saying phrases out loud rewires this system. This creates a feeling of peace, calm, and liberation. It also engenders a cognition that is more empowering, and the individual is left feeling motivated and cleansed.

Extensive application of Energy Psychology treatments like EFT has been proven to mitigate a wide variety of ailments. These include, but are not limited to:

 Emotional Challenges

·      Problematic Behaviour in Children

·      Discords in Relationships

·      Lack of Anger Management

·      Depression

·      Insomnia        

·      Symptoms of Severe Trauma

·      Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

·      Addictions

·      Effects of Sexual Abuse

·      Phobias

 Personal Shortcomings

·      Undesirable Weight Gain

·      Business and Career Pitfalls

·      Lack of Self Realisation/Spiritual Growth

Physiological Ailments

·      Allergies         

·      Migraines

·      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

·      Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

·      Hypertension

·      Fibromyalgia

·      Cancerous Cells

·      Muscular Dystrophy

·      Parkinson’s Disease

·      Cystic Fibrosis


·      Veterinary Cases

·      Complications During Surrogacy

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

It can reduce stress in seconds.

Use EFT on yourself or others for a happy stressful life. Below are a few uses of EFT:

Let go, forgive and move on.

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