I achieved my goals on Day 1 of Breakthrough Coaching!

I achieved my goals on Day 1 of Breakthrough Coaching!

Haven’t you all set up goals for our lives, or even made a New Years resolution you couldn’t live up to? You try so hard to achieve them. Sometimes to the point of frustration.There are mainly 4 types of goals:

  • Personal – Goals for your life, personal self, emotional state and or relationships, for example I want to be married by the end of the year or Feel happy and confident from within to follow my purpose with passion
  • Health – Goals for your physical fitness, nutrition and well-being, for example I weigh 55kg and am size 10
  • Career – Goals the company you work with sets for you or you set for yourself to advance your career or a a business owner, for example to grow my business to $10 million within 5 years
  • Financial – Goals you set for yourself with your financial wealth in mind. These can include cash, salary and investments, for example to be financially free in 2 years where I no longer need to work for a living and have set up investments that work for me with regular income every month

Most of us at some point have given a job interview and one of the questions usually asked interview questions are “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”  indicating that most companies are also on the look out for goal oriented professionals. In a world that is getting competitive by the day, what would it be like if you could learn how to achieve your personal, health and professional goals.

Trainer & Business Owner, Sreekumar Rajagopalan, was used to goal setting and what he was amazed by was, how on Day 1 of  Breakthrough Coaching with NLP program, he achieved all his goals he had set for himself. In particular the goal he wanted to focus on was a personal one and not a professional one.

During the process work on Day 1 of Breakthrough Coaching with NLP, he healed the relationship with his father and had the profound realisation that once he silences his doubting mind, it effortlessly opens up the door to possibilities and realising all his goals.



In the words of Sreekumar, Everything I wanted from the course I achieved on Day 1! “I achieved all the goals I wrote down on Day 1, especially my relationship with my father and rediscovered  my depth of admiration for him. During the course I learnt that if I silence the chatter of my sacred doubting, logical conscious mind, I am powerful beyond measure” 

The Breakthrough Coaching with NLP attended by Sreekumar Rajagopalan is a 7 day intensive program where you harness the power of the mind to create the life, health, relationships , career and finances you want. Some applications of the program are:

  • Creating more fulfilling relationships
  • Achieving life and business goals
  • Influencing at work and home
  • Mobilising teams at work to be successful
  • Improving health, wellness and confidence
  • Eliminating fears, phobias and limitations
  • Leading and empowering yourself and othersIncreasing confidence to move towards the career you desire
  • Becoming professionally qualified as a coach and making a difference to others and earning a living

Find out more about how Breakthrough Coaching with NLP can help you transform from the inside out as well as become professionally qualified as a Breakthrough Coach as well as NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Practitioner. 

For best results: Attending the 7 day Breakthrough Coaching with NLP training with a qualified Master Trainer or to booking a session with a professionally qualified and internationally certified breakthrough coach and NLP Practitioner is recommended. Please e-mail us if you require either, help@vitalitylivingcollege.info.

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With a PhD in Cancer Research and her background in running a multi-billion dollar international business, she is currently the Founder of Vitality Living College.



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