How doing the dishes can enlighten you

How doing the dishes can enlighten you


Have you ever done a mundane task, such as washing the dishes, and you realize that your mind becomes distracted? You finally settle into a rhythm where you forget everything else, and just focus on the process of the task, such as rinsing the plates.

When the task of washing the dishes is over, you wonder why you made such a fuss in the first place to do it! You could have avoided a lot of unnecessary stress when you could have just gone right through the task. A lot of times, this is how meditation works.


I personally came from a family in which my father was a big fan of meditation. He would sit daily in meditation during his morning prayers and often times on holidays, we’d travel to pilgrimage sites. On one holiday, we were travelling in India to the south, and after being on the train for 24 hours, my sister and I arrived at the hotel feeling like two puppies who wanted to release all their pent up energy after been cooped up for so long. I was having fun and being noisy and my dad shouted “Be quiet!” in Bengali, and told me to quietly sit in an asana position and start meditating and chanting. In that moment, I developed a hatred for meditation because it was enforced upon me instead. So I just sat in the asana pose and pretended to meditate; thus, my love affair with meditation had ended!


In my later years I began meditating up to 2-3 times a day. However, I dreaded doing so as my mind would have to calm down and during meditation it would bring up thoughts of undone tasks and random observations in the room (such as the air draft, the colour of someone’s outfit, etc). My mind wouldn’t actually sit still and be present.

lotus-1205631_1920There finally came a point where my body just relaxed. Washing the dishes is one of my favourite activities, and is something I do early in the morning when I wake up. My personal ritual is to ensure everything is clean and sparkling. It was while washing the dishes one time that I noticed, there was no difference between the dish sponge, the soap bubbles, and my hands washing the plate. This was my first true moment of meditation.


Meditation is not necessarily about sitting in a particular position with a particular breathing style and emptying the mind while chanting. It is a practice of being present every moment; no moment is without meditation. Whether you are sitting in an autorickshaw or driving, there is a moment where you are in a trance-like state and zone out. Whether you love writing, travelling, or playing sports, there will come a moment when your mind settles down and focuses like a laser; that is a meditative state.


One can chant, do yoga, breathe, or just sit still and do no activity as a form of meditation. If you’d like to learn about meditation, there are various different ways, and I will share at least 5 of them at the Free Empowered Health and Happiness Seminar in Mumbai & Delhi. The aim is for meditation to become part of every moment, not only to access peace, but also for all the health benefits where mindful meditation increases exam results, performance at work and harmony in relationships.

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