Flip a switch and connect – the 5 tips to connect with self!

Flip a switch and connect – the 5 tips to connect with self!



What happens when you turn off a light switch in a room? Aside from the room becoming darker, the electric circuit has been disconnected and hence there is no light. This is similar to how your connection with your inner self works, and we sometimes ‘turn off the switch’ or reduce the connection strength to such a degree that we disconnect from our core being.

Think about your connection with your inner self for a moment. Do you feel a sense of expansion, peace and love? Or do you feel a sense of discomfort, sadness, or other negative emotions? We sometimes dim the connection to ourselves by holding onto past resentments, negativity, anger and other unresolved emotions. Our lives feel murkier and we feel as though we are receiving no guidance or direction.

Learning how to connect with one’s self can not only provide clarity, it also allows for:

  • A sense of peace and calm
  • Receiving guidance from within on which direction to proceed in
  • A feeling of love and contentment


So, you might be wondering how can you practically connect with yourself on a day-to-day basis.

Here are 5 tips to connecting with yourself:

  • Meditation – Meditation allows for an instant connection with self. All you have to do is close your eyes with your feet on the ground or sitting in a cross legged position with your back upright and just breathe in and out.There are so many different form of meditation and find the one that works for you. For some people, just spending time with themselves is a meditation and there isn’t a requirement to sit in a particular position and perform a certain kind of routine. Whatever method works for you, please do carry on.  For those who wish to explore meditation through visualisation, I am attaching a recording of an Inner Peace and Healing Sand Meditation.
  • Breathing – Breath is the source of life and breathing slows down the unnecessary chatter of the mind and allows the focus to be drawn deep within. It calms, restores and regenerates. Take a moment now to put the feet on the ground and breathe in for 6 counts and breathe out of 6 counts. Make sure when you breathe in, you fill the belly up fully and when you breathe out, you empty the belly out fully.
  • Empty the past hurt – Allow yourself to express any and all past hurt, upset, discomfort and pain. The best way to express is to find a private area and simply imagine the people who have “wronged” you in some way, sitting in front of you and let your past unresolved feelings speak out loud to them, as if they are right here in the room with you.
  • Let go of negativity – Are there situations that drain your energy and make you feel like you are being held back? Negativity and negative situations can keep you from connecting with yourself. May be it is time to say goodbye to negative situations and people and simply walk away. Consider what situations and circumstances are holding you back from connection with your self.
  • Self forgiveness – More than other issues, issues of unforgiveness have powerfully strong and rigid impact on your energy system. While it might be easier sometimes to forgive others, you’d be surprised at how often we’re more harder on forgiving ourselves for past transgressions. Self forgiveness is a tool that can remarkably propel your connection to yourself, and you’ll be amazed at how stronger you feel in tune with your soul once you forgive YOU from your heart.

The methods above are great for starting off and beginning establish a connection with yourself. Often, it can take time to establish a good connection with yourself, as well as to maintain the ongoing steady connection.

With the powerful process in The Journey, you will be able to ‘flip the switch’ on to your inner self in a matter of a few hours. The Journey is a transformative and life-changing process that will enable you to shed the negative layers of emotions and reconnect to your inner being. With just one seminar of The Journey, you’ll notice how much more depth of clarity and guidance you’ll be able to achieve in your life.

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