How can coaching increase your money?

How can coaching increase your money?

‘Unless you are completely retired, earning money is the best form of wealth preservation.” – Felix Dennis


Money is needed to live. Whether it is to pay the bills, go on holiday, kids education or simply day to day living.

Some people are born with money, others may be provided for and the rest of us earn a living either through a job, investment portfolio or own business.

What would it be like, if you could make even more money and really enjoy doing it?

I used to have a 9 to 9 job and thought the only way I would get money in my bank account was through my job.

I did not realise I had limiting beliefs that were causing me to work harder and earn less in proportion.

When I cleared those beliefs using Breakthrough Coaching with NLP, I was more open to making money in different ways.

Eventually I became financially free and live a lifestyle that involves traveling to different parts of the world (currently in Bali) and coaching others through seminars and corporate programs.

girl-1955797_1920What I find with my clients, is while earning money can be pleasurable and easy, to some it seems like a herculean task.

This is mainly because of blocks to earning money, which could also be a limiting belief as simple as:

  • I can’t earn enough
  • Money is evil
  • Rich people are arrogant
  • I am not allowed to earn that much
  • Filthy rich people take advantage

credit-squeeze-522549_1920There are many effective ways of clearing limiting beliefs and I have found those taught during Breakthrough Coaching with NLP more freeing.

The processes allow the possibility of uncovering one’s purpose and aligning it to a living or enhancing one’s current earning potential.

Take one of our attendees who came on the Mumbai seminar in October 2016, let me name her Lisa for now.

Lisa had a belief that she was not good enough. While she felt it was such a simple statement, she also realised, it was at the root cause of blocking her abundance.

Once she cleared this limitation in class, she automatically started getting clients and without any advertisement!

boy-1666611_1920The bonus was that attending the seminar gave her 5 international qualifications in just 7 days, and equipped her with the tools to coach herself and others effectively.

There are approximately 7.4 billion people in the world today and even if just half of that population required coaches to reach their goals quickly, just imagine what the prospects could be for a coach.

Recently a coach who attended our Bali program increased her income by $USD 10,000 after completing the 7 days Breakthrough Coaching with NLP. She not only had more clients, she also attracted higher fee paying clients. human-334110_1280

As a professional Coach you can increase your wealth by charging for one to one client sessions in the following areas:

Life Coaching – Life Coaching mainly deals in one to one coaching for personal and professional issues in a client’s personal life.

Corporate Coaching – More and more companies today are looking for corporate coaches to help revive their employees and help them grow to the next level in their expertise.

Business Coaching – This type of coaching is mainly for companies that want to revive their failing business or to take the business to the next level.

Health Coaching – With the world getting more conscious of their health and moving towards a more holistic approach, it is important to have the right kind of coaches to guide and help them.

Spiritual Coaching – This type of coaching can also be combined with other divination methods such as Tarot or Oracles to help a client understand themselves better and to guide them effectively to a better future. Spiritual coaching may also be linked to alternate healing methods to help clients holistically.

It is really important to be able to get the right kind of tools and techniques to be able to help yourselves and others too.

My search ended with Breakthrough coaching and NLP.

These tools are so effective that they can be applied easily even if you already are involved in some profession. For example:

  • A team leader can use these skills to enhance their communication skills at work and hence better team performance which result in a high rating during the performance review and gets rewarded as a pay increase
  • A teacher can use the skills to help their students reach their highest potential and feel fulfilled as well as increase the rating of the school, hence more parents wanting to enrol their kids with an ability to secure more external funding
  • Someone in a corporate world can use these skills to map out his or her growth path easily and feel confident to ask for a raise
  • Trainers, teachers, consultants offering Breakthrough Coaching with NLP to their clients, which commands a higher fee.

Breakthrough Coaching with NLP can now be your answer to an increased bank balance!

In summary, you can increase your wealth by:

  • Clearing blocks to increased flow of money
  • Becoming a professionally qualified coach and earn a living
  • Adding coaching to your existing offering and commanding a higher price
  • Using coaching skills to increase your performance rating and hence salary

Love Rangana


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