Eliminating Cravings with EFT

Cravings Thakur CollegeDo you have a sugar craving or may be a salt craving? Perhaps chocolates or chips. Underneath every craving there can be an emotional root cause. It can be loneliness, tiredness, boredom, sadness, depression and even deeper themes like abandonment, guilt, hurt. Sometimes there can be anxiety and the addictive substance has a narcotizing effect by shutting down the emotion and pushing it back down. Unprocessed emotions that get shoved down over and over again using food, smoking, alcohol or drugs can be very destructive for the body.

The cravings elimination process with EFT involves 3 steps and is taught during the 3 day EFT Training. There are 3 steps:

1. Identify the craving and clear the surface requirement for the substance, for example its yummy or tasty
2. Uncover the deeper emotions and clear
3. Identify and come to peace with the root memories associated with the deeper emotions.

In one case during a live demonstration in Pune, the surface craving was for dairy milk chocolate jumbo bar and it caused a feeling of inner comfort and love and what was underneath was a void as a result of the death of a loved one. While the cravings protocol may be very light hearted on the surface there can be a deeper root cause.


During another seminar a lady came forward with a craving for spicy crisps and as we tapped using EFT we uncovered a deep rooted issue where the surface craving was being driven by a requirement for adventure and a lack of intimacy with her husband.

In Emma’s case she attended training the first year and cleared her cravings to biscuits and the next year to chocolate. To learn more you can read her blog post. https://vitalitylivingcollege.info/emma-voss-gives-up-her-chocolate-cravings-after-eft/

The cravings process can have a fun and humour side to it as well as a deeper, more potent and powerful underbelly allowing freedom from the past that creates a sense of calm, lightness and peace.


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