Merry Christmas! – What are you giving yourself this year?

Merry Christmas! – What are you giving yourself this year?

Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling – Edna Ferbe

retro-gifts-1847088_1920Christmas is always a special time for most families, with preparations beginning at thanksgiving. It is a time to look forward to and brings great joy and happiness to all.

Christmas for me always has been a special time, when the entire family comes together, forgetting the hurt, pain and even the anger they have caused each other. Decorating the christmas tree, and finding joy in the smallest of tasks in preparation for the ‘Big Day’.

christmas-cookies-553457_1920As a child I used to wonder, how I found peace amidst so much chaos at home, with children and elders and laughter and music, the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg, the baking and cooking, the crowd in front of the mirror getting ready for christmas mass.

As I grew up I realised that the peace is in the giving. The giving of love and compassion that each one has in their hearts during this festive season. It flows so naturally that one does not feel or even know that they are giving so much of themselves to others

hand-1549132_1920Most of the times we engross ourselves in so much giving, that we forget that receiving is also an important aspect of our lives and that both giving and receiving need to be in a state of balance for complete happiness and joy.

So if you ask me “What’s the best gift I can give myself this year?”

It would be:

  • Self Love
  • Compassion
  • Being non judgemental about myself
  • Being a little less critical and knowing that at any given point I’m doing the best I can, and most importantly
  • Appreciation for every little thing I do as that will motivate me to do even better.

Whats your gift to yourself?

In closing, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I wish for your hearts and lives be filled with the Joy, Happiness and Peace that christmas brings on this day and through out the year.

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