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Fear of travelling on tubes and trains cleared in just 2 sessions of EFT!

Healing ourselves is a work in progress. Often, we ask ourselves the question, “Why am I still angry with/upset by that?” where that is our own personal demon, which never seems to be defeated. The truth is that we are complex beings, with rich, complex lives, and rich, complex thoughts and emotions. Really freeing ourselves from our issues might involve just one session that gives us new insights, but it can also involve re-visiting the issue several times, even once we think it has been dealt with, each time learning something new.

In the words of EFT Practitioner, Isobel Gordon here’s Her client Tracey’s story, “Tracey was suffering from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. When she first started therapy with EFT and Matrix Re imprinting, she was on sick leave because she couldn’t cope with life. Beyond this, she had spent 8 years avoiding travelling on trains, tube trains and planes. At the same time, life got chaotic and, after 9/11 and 7/7 (bombings in London), she believed that trains and tubes were not safe either. Her world was imploding. EFT helped get her back on the over-ground and tube trains, which took just 2 sessions.”


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