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Healing and forgiveness

I love this article written in the Times of India on Healing and Forgiveness and the therapeutic benefits of releasing emotions like a child. It is an interview with Brandon Bays, founder of the Journey and how the process can heal trauma as well as Karmic issues. Brandon shares “When you release your emotions freely […]

Pressure cooker anger? What is it and can you cure it?

Pressure cooker anger is when you suddenly have an outburst. It is like things have been festering and boiling away under the surface and suddenly it happens, a full blown release of steam that has been building and building underneath. While it might feel like a release at one level it can also be shocking […]

Can dreams really manifest?

Dreams. The word itself is full of hope, fantasy and faith, isn’t it? It can mean so many things – A vision, an imagination, a goal, a wish. Every one of us has dreamt of having something – a house, a child, a career, a partner, a car, growth, anything! How does it feel when […]

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