The Journey Practitioner Program India Details

Congratulations on being accepted onto THE JOURNEY PRACTITIONER Program. On this page you will find all the details you will need for THE JOURNEY PRACTITIONER PROGRAM.

If you have not already picked a mentor, please do so.

The Practitioner Case Study Information

Please just click on the folder to download. 

All the Journey scripts

The Journey Intensive & Advanced Skills

1. The Emotional Journey

2. Down through the levels

3. The Physical  Journey

4. The Advanced Skills

The Abundance Process Sheets

1. The Abundance Questions

2. The Old Belief Sheet

3. The New Belief Sheet

4. The Abundance Process Sheets

The No Ego Process Sheets

1. The fixation questions

2. The No Ego Process Sheets

3. The Classical Emotional journey

Healing with Conscious Communication

1. The Manual - All the processes

The Kids Processes

1. The Kids Process

2. The Classroom script

The Life Transformation Week

1. Life Purpose Process

2. Dropdown Techniques

3. Elicitation Techniques

4. Future Integration

5. Introducing the Journey

6. Partners in Grace

7. Where to send Case Studies