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Mental Health relates to the state of mind and mental well-being.

How To Heal Thyroid With The Help Of EFT Tapping?

Heal Thyroid with Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT tapping for thyroidIn this article, you will be knowing about Thyroid in detail: its types, symptoms, and how you can heal the same with the help of EFT Tapping. One evening, I crossed paths with my old school teacher. I found her exercising on the footpath. I was happy seeing her and couldn’t resist asking […]

How To Deal With Trauma With The Help Of EFT

EFT Tapping for Trauma

EFT tapping for traumaIn this article, you will know about trauma, its causes, how EFT can help to resolve it, and what the different methods of working with it are. Trauma, as majority of understand it, is the result of a deeply catastrophic event, like severe abuse, or neglect. While, these are the major causes […]

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