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Mental Health relates to the state of mind and mental well-being.

How Do I Learn EFT Tapping?

How Do I Learn EFT Tapping?

How Do I Learn EFT Tapping?In this article, I have described my journey from a non-believer to being an EFT Practitioner and Trainer!Having done my doctorate in Cancer Research from Oxford University, I was convinced that science is the only way forward and that anything that deviates from it is plain buffoonery. By that, what I […]

Can EFT Tapping Help To Gain Confidence?

Can EFT Tapping Help To Gain Confidence

EFT Tapping for ConfidenceThis article talks about what unshakeable confidence is, how it is different from self-esteem and the ways in which EFT Tapping can help one gain unshakeable confidence.Imagine coming from a low-income family and still somehow managing to study in one of the high-end boarding schools with a lot of complexes rooting from […]

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