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EFT is a tapping techniques that involves tapping on accupressure points while saying statements out loud.

The Personal Peace Procedure with EFT Tapping

Personal Peace With EFT Tapping

How to Conduct Personal Peace with EFT On Yourself?What is Personal Peace Procedure with EFT Tapping? The 3 different methods of Personal Peace as part of a daily relaxation routine, to let go of the past, or to work through a deeper issue.ABOUT PERSONAL PEACE PROCEDURE| DAILY RELAXATION PRACTICE | WORKING WITH PAST MEMORIES | TELL THE STORY […]

What Is Surrogate Tapping? How Does It Work?

Surrogate Tapping

Surrogate Tapping With Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)Surrogate EFT Tapping is a fascinating aspect of EFT that leads us to depths of healing that go far beyond EFT, medicine, and everything else this world has to offer. You’ll understand how Surrogate EFT Tapping works, the regions where you may watch it in action, and the fundamental notions […]

Reverse Diabetes With EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping for Diabetes

EFT Tapping For DiabetesWhat is diabetes? What are its types, symptoms, and causes? What are the four keys to treating it? And how you can use EFT Tapping for diabetes to reverse it to live a healthy and happy life? Getting a diagnosis is always scary. Especially, when it is a chronic illness like diabetes. You […]