Breakthrough NLP Coaching Masterclass

This On-line Masterclass is for our graduates of Breakthrough Coaching with Neuro-Linguisitic Programming (NLP). 

The Whats App Group name is NLP Masterclass Zoom Call.

The purpose of the Masterclass is to:

  1. Revise the Breakthrough Coaching & NLP Skills 
  2. Answer questions to help you with your one to one coaching engagements
  3. Support your personal development and growth as a human and coach

Weekly Zoom Calls

Next Weeks Topic 

For security reasons we are not putting the on-line meeting link on the website. Instead you have to join a whats app group where we provide the meeting link on the day of the meeting with an alert just prior to the call.

During this call, Dr Rangana will introduce hypnosis and the different types of hypnosis. 


Past Recordings 

1. Parts Integration

During this call, Dr Rangana explained the Parts Integration process for wholeness. She conducted 2 demonstrations on the following surface conflicts:

Shall I get into an on-line business or wait to conduct my training till the lockdown stops
Who Am I - Something or Nothing?
She then answered 2 mentoring questions and closed with a global meditation for healing and wholeness.

Saturday 4th April 2020, 4pm IST.

2. Timeline Technology

During this call, Dr Rangana explained what Timeline Technology process is and when to use it practically with clients. There was a live demonstration and the session finished with a visualisation.

Saturday 11th April 2020, 4pm IST.

Background Articles on Timeline:

What is the Timeline and how it can indicate if you are tend to be organised or not

3. Belief Changes

It can sometimes be overwhelming to know which belief change process to use when and which one will give the quickest results.
During this call, Dr Rangana explained all the different ways to work with beliefs and conducted 2 live demonstrations for the different types of belief changes:
If I work too hard I will loose everything
I am scared of failing and failure equals death
She also explained the Timeline Belief Change Process not taught in class. The session closed with Q&A and a belief change visualisation.

Saturday 18th April 2020, 4pm IST.

4. Phobia Cure

During this call, Dr Rangana explained how to use NLP for Phobia Cure and explained how does the phobia is nothing but a sub-modality change. She does not follow the classic phobia cure script, but rather how to work to change the sub-modalities and enact deep change with lasting results. This method can also be used to work on traumatic memories as safety is central to the process.

Saturday 25th April 2020, 4pm IST.

5. Perceptual Positions

During this call, Dr Rangana explains the powerful Perceptual Positions process which you have experienced as an open eyes standing up process. In this call, she shared how you can conduct perceptual positions in a seated position and on-line.

Saturday 2nd May  2020, 4pm IST.

Saturday 2nd May  2020, 4pm IST.

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