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Emotional Detox, Phuket, Thailand

For the first time in Thailand we are introducing the Emotional Detox program.

You might have heard the term detox to either mean rehabilitation from alcohol or from drugs and yet detox is also a term used to cleanse the body from within via fasting, healing herbs and live foods. Thailand is considered to be the mecca for Detox where hoards of foreigners flock to the island to embark on at least an annual body cleanse, yoga and juice fast routine to get the body in tip top working shape again. Sort of like an MOT for the body.

The way the process works is to clean the body of all the toxic build up and leave feeling energised and healthy on a cellular level. Often neglected in this pursuit of cleansing out the burden of our body, is the negative emotional build up, we can experience over time. While, the cleansing process enables an inward journey into the mind and realm of emotions, untangling the web of all the thoughts can sometimes feel daunting. It would be so much easier to sort through the “delete” and “keep” items if only there were a helping hand of guidance. A structured and safe process, thus avoiding sudden volcanic eruptions, outbursts and emotional break-downs.

Emotions are normal and part and parcel of life and yet when there is an accumulation of negative emotional debris it can lead to illness, lethargy, loss of energy or even hopelessness. Sometimes you can just become like a robot and go about the day to day life without even taking the time to connect inward emotionally. Humans are emotional beings with feelings, thoughts, ideas, expressions and a huge creative capacity.

The Emotional Detox program has been created to clean out the past emotional build up and toxicity and to leave feeling at peace and at ease.

There are 3 modules to the Emotional Detox and these will be covered over 3 days, daily from 5-8pm at Santosa Wellness, Phuket, Thailand from February 18th – 20th.

  • Module 1, Thursday February 18th: Release physical tension, stress and anxiety to feel at ease and peace
  • Module 2, Friday February 19th: Heal past negativity, hurt, loss and discomfort to feel at peace and centered
  • Module 3, Saturday February 20th: Say goodbye to cravings and understand how to get to the root of any issue to feel energised and empowered

Emotional Detox Phuket


In joint collaboration with Santosa Wellness and Detox.

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