Live your life day Mumbai

Harness the power of the mind to program your life for success

Live your life day with an introduction to NLP & Breakthrough coaching with Dynamic speaker and International Master trainer Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri. 

Uplifting and energising day with an introduction to NLP and breakthrough coaching to create your life the way you want it and make it happen. NLP is known as the Psychology of success and achievement. Those who learn NLP can make what they want happen and it is an ideal day for:

  • Working professionals who want to make breakthroughs at work
  • Those wanting more fulfillment in their relationship life
  • Men and women who want more out of life
  • Personal development enthusiasts and spiritually minded
  • Business leaders, owners and professionals who are driven and love success
  • Consultants, coaches, trainers, healers, therapsists, nutritionists
  • Medical professionals, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychotherapists
  • Learn the secrets of getting paid more and live life on your terms

On leaving the workshop you will be able to use the skills right away and start programming your life, health, relationships and career for success. During our time together you will learn:

  • The 7 steps to creating the life you want
  • How to clear past negativity
  • Learn your success strategy
  • How to harness the power of your mind
  • Why well formed outcomes are more powerful than goal setting
  • How to develop a massive action plan
  • Influence for win win outcomes
Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri is a dynamic speaker with a laser like quality to breakthrough the unessential and get to the root cause of resolving any issue. She is Master trained in NLP and and as founder of Vitality Living College travels internationally training audiences in health, vitality, peak performance, coaching and spiritual growth.

This is what others had to say about NLP training with Dr Choudhuri:

“I like Rangana`s teaching style, which is very different, exciting, easily understand, powerful, informative, demonstrative, passionate, and from my heart”

 “I have developed personally more than any other course I have attended” 

“The breakthroughs created during training are still in effect – years later – I now work professionally as a coach”

“After learning the skills I have become unstuck and now flow much more naturally and at ease”

“I keep going back to Rangana’s NLP seminars again and again as each time I learn new things – she always keeps it fresh and exciting”

“Words canot express the magic that transpired during NLP with Rangana – she cut through all the negativity in seconds and I am left knowing I am love – there is no greater purpose”

“I am more motivated at work and able to help my team perform better”

“I went back to work and used the success triangle to ask for the raise I wanted”

“She helped me leap forward in life – there is no turning back now!” “I felt so connected to my divine purpose, to the infinite and feel so at peace”

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This workshop is normally priced at Rs 6000 and for you available only at a subsidised contribution of Rs 750 and will cover lunch and all refreshments. 

To book onto Live your life day with an introduction to NLP & Breakthrough coaching either book on-line by clicking here, email india@vitalitylivingcollege.infocall +919920454749 or SMS +919892751513.

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