EFT Level 1

EFT Foundations for well-being and relaxation

One day EFT Level 1 Training, based on the AAMET syllabus
Easy to learn and effective to use

BigButterflyOKDuring  EFT Level 1 training you will learn how EFT Tapping can be used lower stress, release negative emotions, transform past upsets, eliminate physical pain/tension and reduce cravings to create a sense of relaxation and well-being.

EFT level 1 is ideal for those who want to learn techniques to lower stress and feel more relaxed or to get onto the Practitioner track and become professionally qualified.

Routinely we get business professionals, healers, alternate health therapists, medical professionals, nurses, doctors, home makers, coaches, yoga teachers, school teachers, nutritionists, psychiatrists and psychologists attending.

The course curriculum includes:

  • How to use EFT Tapping as a self-help tool and with friends and family
  • Origins and background of EFT Tapping
  • The full EFT tapping sequence as developed by founder Gary Craig
  • Shorter tapping EFT sequenceEFT Woman
  • EFT for stress relief and anxiety
  • How to eliminate physical pain
  • EFT for past upsetting events/memories
  • Clear negativity and negative emotions
  • EFT Tapping to reduce cravings permanently
  • A 60 page EFT manual with background information
  • Certificate of completition

Our EFT trainings are highly interactive with time for live demonstrations, practice sessions and questions. Discover what others had to say about their experience of EFT Training.

The training can be also counted towards your annual CPD (Continuing professional development) or CE (Continuing Education) points or hours. We are fully approved by the Global Governing body AAMET, IAPC and insured by Howden Insurers.

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