The Journey showed me what could have really caused my cancer, and how I can heal!

The Journey showed me what could have really caused my cancer, and how I can heal!

“If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill, let yourself fall ill.”  -Jalaluddin Rumi

Healing, in some form or another, is something almost everyone wants. We all want to move towards perfect health, work at our dream jobs, and be completely free of all the things in our past that weigh us down. And yet, Rumi says to let ourselves fall ill! How can this apparent contradiction make sense?

Every day, scientists are discovering more and more ways in which our mind and body are closely interlinked. Our thoughts and emotions can often be read on our bodies. Stress, the ubiquitous cry of our digital age, is often called the cause for everything – weight issues, heart issues, allergies, family troubles, work troubles… the list goes on. While we’re often very responsive to physical issues, emotional or mental issues can be overlooked until they reach a tipping point, and manifest physically. Maybe this, then, is what Rumi means. That in every illness, there is an opportunity to heal wounds we are not aware that we are carrying.


Ashi Chandra had a very real and immediate understanding of this concept when she faced a health crisis. Having been fighting colon cancer for four years, Ashi Chandra’s hopes of recovery were at their lowest, and her spirit, at its dimmest. It was then that she discovered the Journey. “I completely buy Brandon’s proposition that diseases are the net result of piling up negative emotions within us since childhood, that’s when the process of shutting down begins.”


Journey work has helped Ashi to clear the layers of built-up hurt and rejection, and to let go of all the excess emotional baggage that hampered her from moving ahead. Today, a deeper understanding of what could have caused her disease, and the knowledge that real healing lies in her own hands, has given Ashi a new confidence that she can – and will! – win the battle against her condition. – Excerpt from article published in Mind & Body, Heart and Soul, June 2012.

Since The Journey Seminars has been made available in 36 countries around the world it has helped thousands of people worldwide free themselves, for example:

  • Fear, worry, stress and anxiety vanishes
  • Depression clears
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence transforms
  • Chronic anger and rage comes to peace
  • Physical illnesses and diseases heal
  • Addictions and unhealthy behaviours shift
  • Past traumas and hurts resolve
  • Verbal, physical and sexual abuse heal
  • Relationship problems clear
  • Career performance increases
  • Spiritual realisations and developments accelerate

During the initial 3 day Journey seminar attended by Annette Cliffe, you will learn how to:

  • Overcome emotional and physical issues
  • Awaken the inner healing potential
  • Open into unconditional love, peace and oneness

Find out more about The Journey Seminar and how it might help you heal from within and how you might be able to share this powerful technique used by millions work-wide to help others. 

For best results: Attending the Journey seminar with a presenter appointed by Brandon Bays or professional sessions with an Accredited Practitioner is recommended.

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Disclaimer: If you have a medical condition, please visit your doctor and get a good medical diagnosis. The words on this blog do not replace the requirement for advice from a medical professional.


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Rangaan Head Shot RedDr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) is a dynamic international speaker and trainer. She loves being able to share alternate therapy and coaching skills that enable real and rapid transformations. With a PhD in Cancer Research and her background in running a multi-billion dollar international business, she is currently the Founder of Vitality Living College


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