Swati Garg shares how The Journey brought her home to her soul and to herself  

Swati Garg 4Swati Garg shares how The Journey brought her home to her soul and to herself

“I came to The Journey a year ago, and I felt that I had been stuck on the path of spiritual growth and had been working towards the next step. The Journey Intensive process is the most holistic method of healing I have ever come across. It has been a real “Journey” for me. I have been able to use the Journey work with my family and friends; I have been melting and shedding, always smiling; and my relationships have greatly improved.

There are new dimensions to my life now and there is equilibrium between the outside and the inner being. 
Whenever I come to a Journey seminar and am with Journey friends, it feels as though I have come home to my soul and to myself. The Journey has given me a tool that enables me to handle anything and everything. The Abundance retreat allowed me to visualize a new future for myself as a healer, and I knew that my inner being had transformed. My husband was able to give up his addition to food and alcohol is now very much at peace with himself. I feel as though a door has opened and I am stepping into a more beautiful, brighter, and more fulfilled life, full of LOVE and more love. Thanking you so much…” 
Swati Garg, New Delhi, India

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