The 11 Most Attention Grabbing Headlines to Attract Therapy Clients

In this article you will learn about the 11 attention grabbing headlines that could make a difference to attract your next client.

You have exactly 1 second to grab someones attention before they scroll right past your message and onto the next. 

The headline is the first sentence, usually in bold, underlined or bigger font that is the first thing someone might read at the start of a blog, article or social media posts. 

Every newspaper article or news post has a headline and they also are on the front of magazine covers that might make someone stop while walking past a news stand or want to pick up a discarded newspaper when traveling on the metro or train. 

If you have a really great headline its what can stop a serial social media scroller in their tracks to pay attention. 

A headline needs to grab attention quickly, be relevant and empathise with the readers situation. 

Here are 11 Headlines to get someone's attention and make a difference


How to get a result in a timeframe

Example: How to Ace Your Exams In 1 hour Without Picking Up A Text Book


Quick tips to get a result, even in pain

Example: 3 Quick Tips to Save Your Marriage, Even in The Face Of Breakdown 


The fastest way to get a result

Example: The Fastest Way to Stop Anxiety to Feel Calm


The biggest mistakes to avoid in a situation

Example: The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Asking The Man On A Date


The secrets to overcome a block

Example: 11 Secrets to Eliminate Fear of Failure


The facts about a known truth 

Example: The 5 Lesser Known Myths about Autistic Children


The hacks to achieve a desired outcome

Example: 6 Hacks to Get into The Top 3 Universities


The secrets about how to achieve a desired outcome

Example: How to Look Younger with This Little-Known Secret


The tools to achieve a desired outcome

Example: 3 Easy Techniques to Get A Promotion at Work


Success strategies for beginners

Example: 4 Beginner Strategies to Landing A Job


The steps to overcome a situation, even with a limitation

Example: 8 Steps to Speaking In Public With Confidence

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In the end the place that I write headlines from is the heart. I feel into the audience I am writing for and I ask myself these questions:

  • What are their wants, desires, pains and problems?
  • What is it in their heart of hearts they are seeking and praying for?
  • What is it that if they read would make a difference to their lives ?

I write from a  place of total surrender and trust and let the words come through me.

It's the reason I can have so many typos in my first draft as the words channel through and I am writing quickly to keep up with the information being downloaded.

In summary, a great headline can  make a difference between someone reading your post or not. The best headlines are relevant and grab the readers attention within seconds. 


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