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The Science Behind The Journey

Eight five percent of all illness is stress related.  So in the times of stress and distress it’s no surprise that heart disease, cancer, depression, asthma, burnout and many other illnesses are on the increase. Our emotions, thoughts and words influence our bodies and the effect our cells, DNA and ultimately our health.Our emotions play an important […]

I ran my first marathon, after The Journey healed my knee injury

Have you ever had an injury or physical ailment that you wished was just not there? May be it has kept you from doing what you wanted. When I had a knee injury, I not only had to live with excruciating pain, but my movements were also limited. Eventually, my daily routine got hampered and […]

5 keys to being understood, creating harmony and truth

5 keys to being understood, creating harmony and truth   Do you often feel not understood? And sometimes unable to understand others? Many of us have often felt this way. It can be frustrating causing a feeling of helplessness. You might even be asking yourself in complete hopeless exasperation – will they ever get it? Why is […]