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University Counsellor Mallika overcomes all her food allergies during Matrix Reimprinting

Mallika Ramachandran

During the Matrix Reimprinting training in Delhi, University Counsellor, Mallika Ramachandran, had a long list of food allergies and she wanted to clear these during the training sessions. She had a range of different food allergies and was asked to to pick only one allergy to work with. I chose to work with my mushroom allergy and used the process taught during the seminar in the practice session. After the session, I went home and insisted that my husband take me out to dinner and that too, only to one particular restaurant. I chose theTaj Palace, mainly because I’d often seen my husband order the mushroom cappuccino there. And I had always noticed the look on his face as he told me how Yummy it was! So, having just gotten rid of my allergy, I now wanted to try it. As we sat down, I told him that I wanted the mushroom cappuccino. My husband did not think that I should try this, especially at night, and attempted to talk me out of it. I disagreed and told him that was what I wanted. Soon, the waiter stepped in and told us that it was on the house so we should go ahead and try it. We asked him to get one but he added that we could each have one. Yet, my husband, assuming that I couldn’t have it, told him that one
was enough. The soup fi
nally came and it was placed in front of me. The waiter and my husband watched me as I smelt it…. felt okay…. then took a small sip… and still felt okay… then took a deep breath and finally put a spoonful into my mouth! Hhmmmmm…. It was heaven! Now I know what I was missing on while my husband was able to have it all these years… I have now been eating mushroom and fish and all the things I previously had allergies to. Thank you EFT. Thank you Rangana’ Mallika Ramachandran

Apoorvaa Pandit cures her Thyroid after learning EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Apoorvaa PanditHighly skilled Facilitator & Therapist Apoorva Pandit cures her Thyroid after learning EFT, “ .. as suggested by Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri, I started tapping – starting from surface issues, persisting through all what came up. After some weeks, I noticed that the symptoms of Thyroid had come down. A medical examination confirmed that I was free”. Appoorva Pandit Access Bars Facilitator & EFT Practitioner


Isobel’s story of accessing rage to find ultimate calm

Isobel Gordon“Before I attended the course, I hadn’t realised how much damage my unexpressed anger/rage was causing me. Rangana and I found an event in my life when I was full of rage. By asking the right questions of my ECHO (a sense of myself from a past negative memory that felt like it was stored as an energetic hologram, Energetic Consciousness Hologram), it was really easy for me to access the event in my mind, while still feeling safe. For as long as I can remember I have been very scared of being angry because it felt like I would explode like a volcano and cause as much damage!

Getting in touch with this rage and letting it go was incredible. The Reimprinting was fantastic as I finally got to say what I really wanted. I am still able to picture the new image and feel so calm when recalling that memory. Since then my friends have told me how much younger I look and how calm I am. The other day someone, who I have only met a couple of times, introduced me as the calmest person she knows. It is all down to this fabulous technique.” Isobel Gorden, Business owner & Holistic Practitioner

The power of Matrix Reimprinting by Shalini Booluck. Facebook post, Jul 9th 2016

The power of Matrix Reimprinting

Pramod Dalvi enhances his intuitive ability with advanced EFT Training & Matrix Reimprinting

Pramod Dalvi“I knew about EFT before learning it from you (Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri, PhD), but doing EFT level 1,2 & 3 and Matrix Reimprinting was an entirely different experience. I got opportunity to learn this subject in detail and received authentic material to study. From EFT Level 1 and 2 Training, I could understand the uniqueness and strength with which you deliver entire workshop. EFT Level 3 gave me alot of freedom and flexibility in handling many different issues. And Matrix-Reimpriting is the real magic which allows to relieve the past in complete different manner, so as to make positive shift in that area in future and that too in short span compared to proper EFT sessions. And thanks to all the teachings which go beyond workshop my brain is now rewired and my intuitive abilities enhanced, which is essence of EFT Level 3 & Matrix Reimprinting.” Pramod Dalvi, Entrepreneur, EFT Practitioner & Healer Mumbai