Introductory Seminar Reviews with Dr Shilpa Gupta

16Seminar Feedback Held On 28 October 2017.

It was really exciting and got to learn a lot. It helped me to release my hold backs. By the end of the seminar I was relaxed and calm. Excited to move forward and learn EFT. Ashpreet kaur Special Education


Helpful for self and others. Relaxed and happy. Good effort to remove
everybody from all problems.
Balinder Kaur Housewife
The seminar was really wonderful and definetely helpful. Deepika Gupta Corporate Proffesional
I was really looking forward to EFT seminar. I am feeling really lighter after the seminar, and I feel really helpful and see possibilities, Dr Shilpa counducted it really well and I want to thannk her from my heart. Diksha Dhar Student


It was super fantastic. Isha Kataria Communications Professional
The programme was beautifully executed by Dr Shilpa Gupta. It gave a fair idea of what EFT is and how it works to let go of negative emotions and set oneself free. Kavita Sood Housewife
It was a great experience and a nice
welcome. I felt better and light.
Meenakshi Verma Councellor
I loved this seminar and would look
forward to practice it further to understand it better. I would like to come back and learn it more deeply to help myself and people around me.
Munish Buttan Worked with travel management company
Learned a new technique will be looking forward to attend the workshop. Rajiv Mehra Reiki healer and learner
Presentation was the best part. It was so pleasant to interact. Such a beautiful and exciting seminar. Rohit Yadav Government Job
 Very interesting, informative
 and emotional seminar.
Sakshi Khanna Teacher
Interesting to know about the areas
where EFT could be effective.
Shibani Sahni Education consultant
I learned a number of programs in this field. Some steps today are common but some new. It is important to know technique and compare with already known things. Sita Ram Gupta Reitered teacher/ Writer
Seminar is good and informative. Tarun Goyal Alternative Therapist



Seminar Feedback Held On 1 July 2017.

The whole workshop is really good. It is a great experience. I enjoyed a lot. Ana Saboor Counsellor
I think this technique can help me to get rid of the back log and I would control my concious animal and thought. I am feeling positive. Bharti Ghai Actor
It is work an emotional and physical issues and its works more for broken hearted peoples. Mohammad Suhail Occupational Therapist
Thankyou Dr. Shilpa Gupta for presenting such a convincing seminar. It is undoubtly very powerful technique. Enjoyed working on my craving. Monika Bharadwaj  Self Employed
EFT really works.  Chanchal Gupta
It was good. Rajesh Gahlot IT
Helpful. Sourabh Shah Counsellor and child developmet specialist
Very interactive and like the gratitude part. Ajay Mahipal Counsellor and child developmet specialist
Very interactive. Deepti Mahipal Nutritionist