Pressure cooker anger? What is it and can you cure it?

Pressure cooker anger

Pressure cooker anger is when you suddenly have an outburst. It is like things have been festering and boiling away under the surface and suddenly it happens, a full blown release of steam that has been building and building underneath. While it might feel like a release at one level it can also be shocking as the buried anger erupts like a volcano to the surface, especially if you were not aware that the anger has so much power and force in it.

Unexpressed anger is like poison. That is why, physical exercise is so vital as means of a daily practice to let out the steam buried away. After the eruption there is also the aftermath. Just like an earthquake, that can leave so much destruction so can anger projected outwards onto others. It can create feelings of guilt, hurt, shame and embarrassment. So can you go about curing pressure cooker anger? Here are my 7 top tips to overcome pressure cooker anger:

1. Embark on regular physical exercise which pro-actively creates a space to process, vent out and let go of emotions. If you need something really physical that allows you to vent all the tension you can pick boxing or running. For children and teenagers, I recommend boxing as well as martial arts on a regular basis.

2. Forgive yourself for all the times you did get angry and felt ashamed, guilty or embarrassed. Anger can also have a positive effect. For example, Freedom Fighter, Ghandhi is well known leader who expressed anger as a means of standing up the rights of the common man and what he believed in.

3. Ask forgiveness from those you got angry with, including yourself and have the courage to explore what was really below the anger. It can be hurt, heart-break, disappointment and even fear. Make peace with yourself and others. Expressing the truth of how you are really feeling may even cause a release of tears.

4. Use Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, to clear past experiences of anger, fear, hurt, blame, guilt and outrage. EFT is a tapping technique that heals negative emotions by saying statements out loud and tapping on  acupressure points clinically proven to eliminate stress, tension and anxiety.

5. Allow repressed emotions to be released using the Journey, which according to Deepak Chopra is one of the 3 essential elements to healing illness and disease along with changing the past cell memory and accessing the infinite healing potential within. The Journey allows for a full inner expression of the anger and culminates in forgiveness and inner peace.

6. Regular routine of meditation and breathing exercises induces a state of calm and a fresh perspective as well as a space for detachment

7. Laughter yoga is a fun way to release pent up anger and also has therapeutic benefits of increasing chemicals within the body that protect the heart and immune system

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