Opening to forgiveness and unconditional love

Opening to forgiveness and unconditional love

Haswata Harlalka Haswata Harlalka shares her experience of the Journey and how in just 3 days she experienced more than in 20 years of her life. It is a raw, pure and humbling account through the lens of a Psychology Major. She will inspire you as a parent of what is possible for your children and as a fellow college graduate to turn within and open up to a world of possibilities.

“My Journey towards getting to know myself started exactly a year ago. I had just given my final year exams after which, I attended The Journey program. During this seminar, I was introduced to a whole new world, a world of truth beyond the illusions. A world where anything was possible.

Here, it was possible to move on and even heal, from any trauma, any physical illness, any fear and so much more! I saw cancer patients walk out after the seminar with a huge smile on their face and hope in their eyes. It was not only the patient, I saw the spouse feel the same. That didn’t mean that the cancer necessarily went away. But it did show that we can live our lives in a completely different way than the way we are. We can feel fulfilled, loved and abundant in every second of every day.

For me, one of the biggest blocks was forgiving someone for the wrong they had done. And I was never able to fully forgive myself for any mistakes that I had committed. Unintentionally and unconsciously, I had been holding on to so much. And it had become such a huge part of me that I did not even feel it anymore. With The Journey, I was finally able to let go of all of that and move on.

The biggest transformation I had was that I became open to healing and unconditional love. I was open to improving and getting better everyday, to realising my own strengths and weaknesses and accepting them as well. I was able to accept my loved ones the way they were and love them, even when there was a conflict. Most of all, I allowed myself to start taking care of ‘me’ too.

I experienced so much in those three days that I hadn’t in the 20 years of my life.

To add to that, the loving and open space that gets created in the presence of Dr Rangana cannot be described in a few words. Every person who has been a part of her seminars has experienced this firsthand and I would suggest everyone else to experience it at least once.

Don’t worry, it is not just a three day transformational program. It is a 3day program aimed towards lifelong transformation!”