Saumya shed’s 20kg weight with The Journey

Saumya Sharma

Saumya Sharma shares how her body naturally shed off the 20kg of excess weight with The Journey

“It must have been a deep and powerful prayer that the universe answered in providing me with The Journey. My life has taken a complete 180-degree shift since then. The Journey helped me hit the core issue behind my holding onto the excess weight and fat in my body. As that fundamental issue cleared in only one session, my body started to naturally shed off the excess fat that no longer served a purpose.

My previous cravings ceased. I started eating healthily and only as much as the body needed (rather than eating as a remedy for my emotions). In the past eight months, my body has shed off 20 kilos of excess weight and is continuing to transform beautifully on its own. This is just one of the many transformations that I experienced.

Before the start of Journey work, I knew nothing about either Brandon Bays, Dr Rangana Choudhuri or The Journey, but simply had a deep knowing that my soul needed for me to do this. A year into this work, I understand why…I love this work and hope to take this forward. Love and light, Saumya.” Saumya Sharma, Healer, Coach & Trainer, New Delhi, India