India Training Courses

Training Courses and Seminars in India

india-flag-jpgWe have a team of trainers in India and are seminars, trainings and workshops are conducted nationally across India in cities shown below.

If you wish for us to run either free seminarsEFT Training coursesNLP TrainingJourney Seminars or be-spoke customised workshops in a city near you please contact us.

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) with Breakthrough coaching & Hypnosis Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) Matrix Reimprinting with EFT Tapping Journey Seminars by Brandon Bays with Advanced skills
Mumbai NLP Mumbai EFT Mumbai Matrix Mumbai Journey Mumbai
Delhi NLP Delhi EFT Delhi Matrix Delhi Journey Delhi
Bangalore EFT Bangalore Matrix Bangalore Journey Bangalore
Hyderabad EFT Hyderabad Matrix Hyderabad
Pune EFT Pune  Matrix Pune
Goa EFT Goa
Chennai EFT Chennai
Kolkata EFT Kolkata
Nagpur EFT Nagpur
Ahmedabad EFT Ahmedabad