What is the Journey?

The Journey, pioneered by body-mind expert Brandon Bays, is an alternate therapy process that heals and awakens. It was first launched as a book named The Journey and subsequently taught in seminars around the world. 

To date, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have experienced this simple, yet powerful step-by-step process overcoming a wide variety of challenges from physical ailments to emotional trauma or shut down, in relationship problems and career performance issues.

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Heal physical and emotional issues by letting go, forgiveness and accessing the infinite healing potential, known as "source" with The Journey.

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Since the Journey has been made available in 36 countries around the world it has helped thousands of people worldwide free themselves, for example:

  • Fear, worry, stress and anxiety vanishes
  • Depression clears
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence transforms
  • Chronic anger and rage comes to peace
  • Physical illnesses and diseases heal
  • Addictions and unhealthy behaviours shift
  • Past traumas and hurts resolve
  • Verbal, physical and sexual abuse heal
  • Relationship problems clear
  • Career performance increases
  • Spiritual realisations and developments accelerate

There are 5 main Journey seminars world-wide:

1. The Journey Intensive with Advanced skills - 3 Days

This is the first seminar to attend. On Day 1 you learn how to use the journey for emotional healing. It is the process steeped in the science. Below is a video with Brandon Bays sharing one of the first processes known as the gentle welcome. 

On Day 2 you will learn the physical journey. This is the process that The Journey is most famous for. It's taught in schools, hospitals and organisations. However, if you were to learn the process without Day 1 it can be mis-taken for a visualisation. The physical journey is far from a visualisation. It is a deeply healing process where kids can improve their grades and adults heal from illness. 

2. Healing with Conscious Communication - 2.5 days​​

In this retreat you learn how to communicate with integrity, compassion 

3. The Abundance Retreat - 2.5 days

Uncover and clear silent sabotage to manifest your heart's desire. 

4. The No Ego Retreat - 8 days

Learn about the ego and open into enlightened freedom. 

5. Life Transformation week to get onto the Practitioner track as well - 8 days

Learn skills to work swithyourself and others from depression to disease to heart-break and mental illness. 

About the founder: Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) is a dynamic international speaker and trainer. She loves being able to share alternate therapy and coaching skills that enable real and rapid transformations. With a PhD in Cancer Research and her background in running a multi-billion dollar international business, she is currently the Founder of Vitality Living College.

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  1. The Journey by Brandon Bays