Isobel finds ultimate calm after Matrix Reimprinting

Isobel’s story of accessing rage to find ultimate calm

Isobel Gordon“Before I attended the Matrix Reimprinting 4 day Practitioner course, I hadn’t realised how much damage my unexpressed anger/rage was causing me. Rangana and I found an event in my life when I was full of rage. By asking the right questions of my ECHO (a sense of myself from a past negative memory that felt like it was stored as an energetic hologram, Energetic Consciousness Hologram), it was really easy for me to access the event in my mind, while still feeling safe. For as long as I can remember I have been very scared of being angry because it felt like I would explode like a volcano and cause as much damage!

Getting in touch with this rage and letting it go was incredible. The Reimprinting was fantastic as I finally got to say what I really wanted. I am still able to picture the new image and feel so calm when recalling that memory. Since then my friends have told me how much younger I look and how calm I am. The other day someone, who I have only met a couple of times, introduced me as the calmest person she knows. It is all down to this fabulous technique.” Isobel Gorden, Business owner & Holistic Practitioner