I freed myself of my past life’s fear in just 3hrs through NLP

Some of us have fears and phobias that hold us back and even seem to rule our lives. We struggle to make sense of how things got that way and how to heal ourselves. We blame our stars for the things happening to us. But did you know that fears and worries from you past hinders you grwoth in the present? Past doesn’t just mean your present birth’s past but also your former lives.
We tend to carry our our worries, fears and anxiety from our past life in the form of karma, the memory of our soul. What we didn’t “make right” in our last life will persistently present itself in this one, like an uninvited guest who won’t leave. Unpleasant situations are the consequence of lingering karma, which can always be reversed and resolved. Sudip Mukherjee sets one such example of identifying and reversing his past life fears. Know how he connected to the universe and his soul to build a future he always dreamt of